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BZPGOT - Rollor's Reach.

Nato G


blog-0980306001485924042.jpgBZPGOT Season 2 has begun.


Being both a survivor, and a winner, from the first season, I have a lot of obligations on my plate, and after landing myself with the role of General, I got to thinking that I ought to come up with a home more suited to my character. After Tex informed us that the largest harbour in the Ice Region was situated in the lands of House Greavesy, I decided to incorporate that as well, and wrote out a rough draft for some of those ideas. Whether any of this gets used in-game is entirely out of my hands, but I felt like sharing it anyway:



Situated at the Northernmost point of Okoto, Rollor’s Reach was constructed shortly after the conclusion of Pulse’s rebellion at the behest of Nato the Traveler, so that his allies in the Water Region could travel directly to the lands of House Greavesy to meet with him.


However, as the years passed, the simple settlement grew into a thriving port, and after Nato was promoted to the position of General within the Ice Region, further expansions were carried out to develop the city even more, quickly turning it into the largest harbour in the Ice Region.


As to be expected of a medieval city, Rollor’s Reach is encircled by a large, thick wall. Hewn of black rock and reinforced with metal, this wall not only serves to protect the city in the unlikely event of an attack, but also to shield the city from the harsh elements native to the Ice Region, and the relentless winds and waves of the open ocean.


In the centre of the city, protected by a second, taller defensive wall, is the citadel, where General Greavesy has made his home. Although little more than a singular tower, it nonetheless serves as a testament to the General’s paranoia; the windows are barred, rendering them un-openable, and there are two guards positioned on both sides of every door – measures he believes will be enough to prevent infiltration from Skull Spiders, or beings concealed by Masks of Stealth.


Due to being the Ice Region’s largest harbour, and the General’s home, Rollor’s Reach has a high military presence, many of whom are, by necessity, experienced sailors (although the Ice Region currently lacks any ships outfitted for military use). A titanic lighthouse stands resolute at the mouth of the harbour, and it – along with the city’s seaward-facing walls – are equipped with ballistae for defence against seaward attack. Although not nearly as impressive or imposing as the Ice Region’s capital city, Rollor’s Reach is nonetheless a formidable military outpost.


However, there is one aspect of Rollor’s Reach that truly sets it apart from the other settlements within the Ice Region. Nestled deep in the city’s heart, shrouded in secrecy and rumour, is a unique building referred to only as the Temple of Luck. While its outer sections are open to public access, its innermost sanctum is accessible only by Nato and a handful of his trusted advisors.

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