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Revived Creativity



Hello All, it's been a while. I've been relatively silent on here recently, which doesn't surprise me much honestly.


Christmas came and went, with me receiving the last Six 2001 Bionicle sets that I needed to complete my collection for that year. In total I got all six Mctoran, the Nui-Jaga, Muaka & Kane-Ra, and seven noble Kanohi. I've still got quite a few missing as far as the Kanohi go, but I expected that. The Mctoran were all complete including their polybags, Muaka & Kane-Ra was kind of new in box (The previous owner had opened it just to put the treads in a Ziploc), and the Nui-Jaga were sealed in box. I did feel bad about opening them, but I really wanted to build them!


Anyway, that is not the point of this entry. The point is that seeing all of the revived creativity in the art and library forums has reignited my interest in fixing and finishing my Bionicle Legacies series. The conversion I had been working on stalled, and I really don't have the motivation to continue it, and I'm taking a break from my High Fantasy book for a bit longer. The reposting/rewrite of The Return will start soon, and hopefully won't take too long. The majority of my ideas right now are towards the long planned prequel, and the incomplete sequel. The short stories that are part of the series will likely be posted before any of that, as most of them aren't that embarrassing. Mostly I'm just excited to revisit the AU that I created over ten years ago.


How's everyone else doing?

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