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Quick Thoughts on Logan

Toa Smoke Monster


Normally, when I talked about a movie I've seen, I like to go into detail about it. However, I just don't have time to write such a piece at this point in time. But since I've seen Logan twice this past weekend, I decided that I'd post a quick summary of my thoughts on it. And here is said post. There are only mostly mild spoilers below, just to give anyone who doesn't like those a heads up.


1. The main cast, which includes Logan, X-23 AKA Laura, and Charles Xavier, are all great in this. Hugh Jackman in particular does a great job of showing the struggles Logan is going through in the story. The other characters are good too, but this is Logan, Laura, and Charles's story. It doesn't stray from them too often.


2. The story itself is definitely different than previous X-Men movies. It's more of a personal story, one that really doesn't huge huge action scenes. Don't get me wrong, the actions scenes in Logan are great. But they are not on the scale as some of the action scenes in other X-Men movies, and I actually think that that makes Logan's story even better. It didn't need a giant showdown to make it interesting, and one wasn't shoehorned into it either. It was allowed to tell its own story, and it was better off for it.


3. This movie uses its R rating really well. It has a lot of adult language in it, but none of it felt forced, as if they were just saying adult language to say it. It felt like it was used organically. Same goes to the action scenes. While they didn't feel as big as action scenes in the previous movies, they were definitely more graphic. This movie isn't afraid to show you what Logan's claws can do to someone, as he stabs people in the head with them and cuts off people's limbs. X-23 also takes out a lot of people just as violently. It's brutal, but many people have been waiting for this to happen in a Wolverine movie. And Logan gives them their wish.


4. The year that Logan takes place in is 2029. It does have some futuristic stuff, like people with robotic limbs and vehicles that can drive on their own. But it still feels grounded. There is nothing futuristic in this movie that I saw and said to myself 'We'll never have that by the time 2029 actually gets here.' I could see these things being real by the time that year gets here, and I thought that was really cool.


5. I do have one minor complaint about the film. I will note that this is sort of a big spoiler for the film, so stop reading now if you don't want to be spoiled. This complaint is about X-24, the soulless Logan clone. It's presence just kind of felt off in the movie. I just feel like they could've used another character to be this final villain for Logan to face. This being said, my issue with it isn't really that big, as it's only in a few scenes and when it is on screen, it's actually kind of terrifying. I really felt afraid for the lives of the other characters when X-24 shows up, which is what a good villain is suppose to do. I just think that this could've been executed differently.


Overall, Logan is my favorite Wolverine movie and second favorite X-Men movie in the series. (Days of Future Past is still my favorite) This movie has a great story and its a fitting sendoff for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. I'll miss him playing the character, but all things come to an end at some point, I guess. At least he goes out on a high note.


Have you seen Logan? And if so, what did you think of it?

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I agree with the X-24 thing, it could have been much more interesting. I also wanted more Laura in the climax.


Something that sticks with me is that despite it being super grim is that it still has this air of romantic hope to it, something that's not terribly unlike that of the MCU. It's darker, sure, but it's not the DARKNESS NO PARENTS of the DCEU.

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