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2017 Check In

Lady Kopaka


Hi guys!


Who still gets on blogs??? I'm not sure myself. Just checking in. I still check the BZPower news a lot and I'm occasionally trying to force myself back on the forums. Not sure about the status and health of everything, though? Shame about GEN2 ending and all.


Oh but guys don't forget I'm wasting my precious little free time (when I'm not sick) on a Bionicle webcomic! It's hand drawn! Silly humanized bonkles! You should all ask me about it! It'll be rad!


How is everyone doing, otherwise? Any fun things to share? Also if we were friends and acquaintances back in the day we totally need to bug each other again! I'd love to catch up with folks.

(or hey if you're new or have always wanted to chat with me, that's fine too)


Anyway. Nothing much going on in my life. Being bedridden, likely moving further east this summer, having a quarter-life crisis, so forth. I'll also be at Brickfair VA again this year.


Okay, off to work back on art and script writing! Cheers all!

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I am fine, thanks for asking.


Nothing too exciting on my end. Gonna brainstorm for a story that I might never actually produce. Blogging about silly things, some more serious things, some stuff that makes me sad, etc. It's mostly trash though, tbh. XD


I don't think we ever chatted before, but I recognize your username. Always nice to see a familiar face, hope you feel better and peace love and happiness your way and so forth.

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I honestly don't think we've talked on BZP before and started interacting on Twitter first, but hi! :3 I'm always wishing the best for you.

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