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Breath of the Wild: CLEAR!




Wow, that final boss was.... not good... The entire game led up to that fight, made a massive deal of it, and it happens, and it's just basically another blight type fight. Plus, if you actually do the blight fights, half his health gets taken out before you even touch him. (Apparently if you don't do those fights, you have to fight them at the end). Meaning it makes it way easier. I mean, the entire game led up to this, every npc told me how flattened I would be if I took Ganon on. And it was just. Not worth it.


I'm torn. I really like parts of this game, no, most of this game, but some if the design choices are just *so* baffling. Weapon fragility, which makes a bit of sense at the beginning, far overstays it's welcome, and than appears to be completely null in the last fight. (Or it was just too short to break the sword). The stamina bar being used for *everything* was just so annoying, and it had to be almost removed to make one of the fights playable, so I think saying it needs to be dialed back a lot is not unreasonable.


The world building was top notch though. Exploring the world was so much fun and the way the game just let's you mess around aimlessly was extremely refreshing. And I actually enjoyed the story elements, they gave a lot of personality to the world. Which makes Ganon being little more than a faceless shadow kind of disappointing.


I'm really torn. I want to say I liked it, but I feel like some huge mistakes where made. I'm really wondering how it got so many perfect scores.



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