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Something a bit more savory instead of overly sweet. Ideally something with fruit, not necessarily a fruit base in the dessert, but served with a fruit sauce and/or mixed berries. Caramel or some kind of earthy, burnt flavor is nice, like creme brulee. For my birthday this year I had a fruit tart in place of a cake and it was absolutely lovely.

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I really like the rust coloured ones like you'd find in Australia.  I mean, I've seen enough regular coloured sand for a life time.  There's just something about that orange sand that makes it that much more exciting.  Then you've got the contrast of the sky, plus maybe a little scrubby vegetation if you're lucky.  It's like no other place in the world.  Also, they don't even have cactuses for you to worry about.  It's definitely my favourite desert.

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