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Old Characters

Kaleidoscope Tekulo



I'm just going to put up an entry about my old characters from when I was a teenager. Mainly just two of them. This is going to get really nerdy and angsty, just so you know.


Back in the day I used to play RPGs and actually put thought into the characters I played. I was a part of this one Zelda RPG years ago which was pretty fun. I created a character named Sora (and no, I didn't know this was the name for the protagonist for Kingdom Hearts. XD). I was (am) weaboo trash, so I was looking up names that meant sky in Japanese, so I decided to go with it. The character I chose was a Skull Kid from the Legend of Zelda series who was magically transformed into a Hylian due to Great Fairy technology (magic). His backstory was that he became lost in the Kokiri Forest when he was a child and transformed into a Skull Kid. And after that Sora kinda lost himself. He became alone and isolated from society and kinda feral. I think I had him begin to lure other children into the woods so they would transform like he did. Then he thought he would have a friend in the world. Though, I don't think that ended the way he had hoped. I never really fleshed out this part of his backstory, but I would imagine, had he been successful in turning other children, that they would have run off on their own and want nothing to do with Sora. At this point he had even forgotten his own name and most memories from his childhood.


One day he stumbled into the Great Fairy's fountain by mistake. Taken aback by her presence, Sora was frightened. Seeing this poor creature in front of her, the Great Fairy of the Kokiri Forest bestowed an enchanted amulet upon him. Once it went around his neck, he transformed into a Hylian. It had a sort of calming effect on him at the time, though he wasn't sure why. While he still couldn't remember where he had come from, he did remember the name Sora, and assumed it was his own. Though the Great Fairy did not bestow the amulet freely. She explained that with its magic he could travel the land of Hyrule freely without fear of being attacked by Hylians. However, she explained that she had sensed a danger arriving in the land and tasked him, should he accept, with seeking out all of the Great Fairy fountains across Hyrule and gathering magic from each Great Fairy. Wanting to know more about his past and the world outside the forest, Sora agreed to take on this duty. He had a few different powers at his disposal. He could turn decaying organic matter into healing fairies (mostly dead trees and the like. Though while this could be used on a body, I don't think he ever used his powers in this manner). He could also, with enough magic, transform into a forest fairy himself. The small size and ability of flight would assist him and others on his journeys.


Over the course of the RPG, Sora would go on to meet and old childhood friend, befriend Vaati, travel the world and play a role in saving Hyrule from... Sephiroth I think? It was a weird Final Fantasy crossover thing we had going on. XD Ultimately when the main story came to an end, his amulet had to be returned (or it lost its power or something, I'm not sure). After that he transformed back into a Skull Kid. He hid himself in a cloak, afraid what his teammates would think if they saw him as a monster. He knew Hyrule wasn't made for a Skull Kid. He chose to return to the Kokiri Forest in the end, after a bittersweet goodbye to his friends.


In a way Sora's story was about personal atonement, freedom and saying goodbye. Though, his story didn't end when he returned to the forest. I imagine he needed some time to think things through and decide what he wanted from his life. For him I suppose it was like peering through the looking glass. Taking a look at the world he lost as a child, maybe seeing what things could have been like if he were never lost. He's actually one of my favorites from my old OC file (just pretend I keep a file with all of my OCs in it).


Now onto Cecilia.


Cecilia was only ever a concept. I'm sorry to say I never could find quite the right story for her. She started as a drawing. I decided to sketch a small pink fairy inspired by the healing fairies in The Legend of Zelda games. Her personality came later. I imagined her as a young fairy who was naive and a bit unworldly. She hadn't been sent out into the world yet to begin healing and she had a penchant for joking irreverently about death. Her laughter was said to make the older fairies sigh. While she was perhaps cruel, she still wasn't a monster. She was kind enough and she was loved by her peers, but her cheek would get her into trouble from time to time. Originally I had wanted her to go into the world for her first time and comically get bottled by Link. I had this idea that she would spend her time lost in his hammer space bored out of her mind, unhappily wishing the worst on her captor. Of course that story ended when Link ran out of hearts, and Cecilia, finally being released would begin to fly free, but then look down at Link in his injured state and somewhat reluctantly heal him. It was an idea for a coming of age type of story and having her grow as a person, learning her role in the world and why she was given the ability to heal. I never did find quite the right way to execute this story without it coming off as preachy. I imagine after that experience Cecilia would have started to change. Not all at once, and maybe she even continued with her dark sense of humor. However, over time I feel like maybe she would have abandoned that character trait or at least have softened her blows. And that's not to say that she decided to censor herself for the benefit of others, heavens no! That doesn't fit with her character at all in my opinion. I wanted to show that she as a character herself outgrew that sort of irreverence. It was never something I ever felt I could properly do justice to.


And thus concludes a couple of character ideas I came up with years ago, the end.

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  (just pretend I keep a file with all of my OCs in it)


Wait, you don't do that? *glances nervously at hard drive, nonchalantly pushes documents folder off-screen*


(Also I feel sad for Sora now ; _ ; )

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Um... yeah no, I totally do that thing I said. Totally probably maybe.


(And I know, right? Sora has a lot going on. The other RPers didn't like that I made his story so sad. XD)

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