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Thank You's & New Tales



I know I said I was rewriting Bionicle Legacies, but that project has stopped yet again. After having a few false starts and ruined campaigns, the group I role play with on Mondays has found a campaign that is working for us. We've done various Pathfinder system games in the past, but none of them has had the same full world feel that this one has. It is set in a world inspired by Forgotten Realms, but has been dreamed up by one of my friends. We'd already talked about chronicling the adventures of the characters with previous games, but this one has piqued my creativity more than the others. I wrote out a rough backstory for my character just prior to the first session. I've also put more work into this game than any prior characters, and it shows.


​The funny thing about this game, is that the mythos that's been created has a chance of leading into the plot of the Novel that I started a year ago. The campaign theoretically takes place in the distant past of that book, and that in turn has got me started on filling out my character's backstory even more. On May 15th, 2017 (Technically the 16th) I started a second novel based on this Pathfinder campaign. In the three or four hours I worked on it, I put out around 2000 words, a new conscious record for me. The opening is a bit rough, but as the tale progresses, so to does the potential repairs to the intro.


I just wanted to let the small community we still have here know of my gratitude for this website. Back in 2003, when I joined, I had only written a small Star Wars fanfiction. That was in 2000, when I was in 4th grade. I hadn't really picked up a pencil for more than the small bit of homework I'd actually get around to doing. Reading the Epics and Short Stories forums, which were populated by authors such as Daydreamer, Korobound, and GaliGee, gave me the inspiration to begin writing. By the end of 7th grade, I had written a handful of poems, a cringeworthy short story that was never posted here, a screenplay, and a pair of attempted epics. The next four years were full of more writing. In 2005 I discovered High Fantasy through Terry Brooks' Sword of Shannara. I wrote an unfinished story called Takori-Metru. It was based on the screenplay from a few years prior. I then began my first world-building attempt for a novel. That summer I started another epic called The Fall of Darkness. It was an attempt at an edgy tale of lost love and revenge. Let's just say that Takori-Metru had more potential than this Takanuva and Nixie pairing that started with the death of Gali. I worked on that epic throughout my Sophomore year of High School, a time in which I gained my first girlfriend, a goth girl that I briefly reunited with last year. It was a strange time!


The summer of 2006 came around, and just a few days before my birthday I began work on my Bionicle Magnum Opus, The Return. I worked on it and it's accompanying short stories for the next several years. The epic itself was finished in January 2008, and was completely posted by my Graduation that May. The one short story that I still cherish was "The Light's Love". It was the first time I had written a story that connected events unseen in the main story. I entered college that fall, and ironically never passed English 101, also known as 121 at the college I was at. After a year and a half, my writing fell mostly by the wayside after the second failure at that English class. A few more false starts at novels would come, before I started looking at some of the ideas I'd already written. I took on the project of rewriting The Return as something publishable for a bit before I had some really bad things happen to me.


I actually took a break from writing this post because of my need to write down some of what happened to me. I'll link to my facebook once I feel comfortable posting it, if I post it. Anyways, there was a physically, psychologically, and socially abusive person in my life for a year, and what he did to me killed my writing for several years.


The things I went through then and during high school, were softened as they happened, because of this community. Just seeing my peers grow up made me have hope, even if there was a hint of jealousy at some of you guys! I'm sad to see that the community here has become so small, and that there are now days without activity in most of the forums, but I'll always cherish the things I learned and memories I made here, even if this site eventually vanishes. I'm not leaving, in fact I plan to stay until the very end, whenever that comes. But I wanted to say my thanks to everyone here.

Even SPIRIT and his awesome brand of crazy.

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I am glad those dark days are behind you AZBlue, and thankful you had people to help you in you times of need. Here's to a brighter future. Cheers!


Is Pathfinders like Dungeons and Dragons?

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It is like Dungeons and Dragons. I'd mostly compare it to the 3.5 edition, which it is heavily based on.


An update on the writing: I hit about 4,500 words in the several hours I was working on the novel late last night. I also named a character after a major character in Terry Brooks' Shannara mythos, Jerle Shannara. The third series in the mythos also carries this character's name, and is one of my favorite trilogies Terry has written. My character's name is a contraction of Terry's character's name, simply Jershan. I felt it was a fitting homage to the author who inspired me to start writing fantasy.

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