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Bara Magna: A Slightly More Realised Idea






Parched. Sandy. Harsh. The desert planet of Bara Magna is no place for the faint of heart.


It is also no place for the good-hearted. Generosity is frowned upon, for resources are very limited. As such, Glatorian warriors battle in the arenas to settle disputes over resources, scarce in the barren desert wastelands of Bara Magna, and yet even winning a battle does not guarantee the resources will be safe from the beings that prowl the deserts, such as the Vorox, Bone Hunters, and, if rumours are to be believed, the opportunistic Skrall of the Rock Tribe.


Times are tough, and they only look grow tougher. It was only recently the Rock Tribe arrived, and since their arrival, the Skrall - warriors notably stronger and faster than the average Glatorian - have dominated in the arena matches. Tensions between Vulcanus and Tajun are rising, the former accusing the latter of killing two of its trainee Glatorian. Iconox, the sole source of exsidian, sells it for extortionate prices when not fought for, and its Glatorian are suspected to use underhanded tactics both in the arena and out. Tesara, meanwhile, is on the brink of a civil war, its twin villages now opposed to each other, one wishing to accept an offer from the Skrall, the other very wary of the Skrall. Tajun, being one of the only sources of clean, reliable water, finds itself a frequent target of Bone Hunter raids. Atero, too, as a nexus between villages, finds itself often besieged, though due to it having the Arena Magna, often has Glatorian to defend it, it not being aligned with any village. Roxtus, on the whole, has no glaring, immediately obvious issues, something it claims the Skrall are responsible for, and is thankful for them.


The villages, troubled as they are, have been offered protection by Tuma, leader of the Rock Tribe, and claim they can solve their issues.


In such times, such an offer is a very attractive prospect.


Because this is Bara Magna, and it is no place for the faint of heart.




There we go. Based it off the state of Bara Magna in 2009, with some liberties taken here and there. The aim: a game like BZPGOT. Five tribes, as well - not six, because the Sand Tribe has regressed into beasts.


Each tribe will have a leader, a diplomat, a Glatorian to fight in the arena, and a General - Bara Magna is a harsh place, so it cannot rely on Glatorian alone when fighting begins (a liberty taken). In the case of the Rock Tribe, they'll have two diplomats and a General of its Agori forces. Tuma will be an NPC. Four players per tribe, is the intent. For the sake of balance, let us say that Glatorian are Agori trained from birth to be warriors, instead of a completely different species that's twice as tall and strong - another liberty taken.


There may also be an Iron Tribe, with two players - a Glatorian, and a normal Agori. This, of course, will be a special case, and they'll probably start in Atero.


Players will have stats, too - probably the same as BZPGOT S2 - Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck. Strength will probably end up being more important for Glatorian.

Mata Nui won't arrive to solve Bara Magna's problems this time, so it's up to you.


How does this all sound so far? I am looking for a co-host, as well.


Oh, and credit to BS01 for the images.

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Yeah, a slight bit too early. Looking for a co-host first - this isn't something that can be done by one person alone, as we have all learnt. 

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What do you think you need from a co-host? I must confess, I'm fairly excited about the prospect of playing, but if no one else is willing, I'd be fine with devoting what little free time I've to helping you run it instead.



- :burnmad:

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I've been interested in hosting a game for a while now, so I would be in co-hosting, if that's all right with you. Otherwise, I'm interested in playing if you go ahead and begin it.

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What I'm looking for in a co-host is someone to help manage PMs - it's very likely that, as the game continues, there will be more and more PMs, and someone to help transcribe the official PMs into prose - though not entirely necessary if you're not up to it, just send me a transcript of the PM in that case.


Also best if the hosts, keep each other updated on fairly basic things like where someone is and anything major they're trying to do, so the host and co-host should have a PM between them - notes to each other, communication is necessary, avoid messing things up too badly.

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