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Bara Magna: Again Slightly More Realised






Summary of Bara Magna

Parched. Sandy. Harsh. The desert planet of Bara Magna is no place for the faint of heart.


It is also no place for the good-hearted. Generosity is frowned upon, for resources are very limited. As such, Glatorian warriors battle in the arenas to settle disputes over resources, scarce in the barren desert wastelands of Bara Magna, and yet even winning a battle does not guarantee the resources will be safe from the beings that prowl the deserts, such as the Vorox, Bone Hunters, the nomadic outcasts of the Iron Tribe, and if rumours are to be believed, the opportunistic Skrall of the Rock Tribe.


Times are tough, and they only look grow tougher. It was only recently the Rock Tribe arrived, and since their arrival, the Skrall - warriors notably stronger and faster than the average Glatorian - have dominated in the arena matches. Tensions between Vulcanus and Tajun are rising, the former accusing the latter of killing two of its trainee Glatorian. Iconox, the sole source of exsidian, sells it for extortionate prices when not fought for, and its Glatorian are suspected to use underhanded tactics both in the arena and out. Tesara, meanwhile, is on the brink of a civil war, its twin villages now opposed to each other, one wishing to accept an offer from the Skrall, the other very wary of the Skrall. Tajun, being one of the only sources of clean, reliable water, finds itself a frequent target of Bone Hunter raids. Atero too suffers such raids being a nexus between villages, though Glatorian visiting to fight in the Arena Magna often defend it. Roxtus, on the whole, has no immediately obvious issues, something it attributes to the 'wisdom of the Skrall, and the Mighty Leader Tuma'.


The villages, troubled as they are, have been offered protection by Tuma, leader of the Rock Tribe, who claims the Skrall can solve their issues - by uniting Bara Magna under the banner of the Skrall.


In such times, such an offer is a very attractive prospect.


Because this is Bara Magna, and it is no place for the faint of heart.

Big changes from canon:

  • Each village (barring the Iron Tribe) has its own non-Glatorian army, led by a general. Should a general be unavailable, command falls to the tribe's Glatorian, and then Leader.
  • Glatorian are not a separate species from Agori, but rather Agori trained from birth to be warriors

How It Works

The game will last for ten rounds (also known as episodes), during which you may make your moves. Due to the nature of the game, many things are open to interpretation - and manipulation. Or even able to be ignored!


If you are uncertain whether a move you can make is possible according to the (few) rules, simply ask me or a co-host in a private PM. We will let you know if it is impossible or illegal.



Players will make their moves for each round via PM, of which there are two kinds - OFFICIAL and BACKDOOR.


An OFFICIAL PM is any PM that involves me or a co-host. and moves made in them are the only ones that will be included in the scenes for each round, meaning they are the only ones that will officially occur - so if you want to travel, or do something involving another player, you would have to do it in an official PM. But that also means everyone will be aware of what is happening.


A BACKDOOR PM is any PM or any other method of communication that does not involve me or a co-host. Anything done in this will not be included in the scenes for each round, and will not happen, period - you cannot kill a player in a backdoor PM. However, you can scheme, plan, and manipulate where others except those you choose cannot see, and this will allow you to set up your own plans that may take a while- you may officially appear to be the most benevolent individual, yet secretly plotting to kill everyone else.



  • Travel - this is very simple, anyone can do it. To simplify things for all of us, Travelling between any village takes 24 hours, and must be performed in an official PM. Due to the nature of Bara Magna, however, travelling alone often tends to be a very bad idea - and creatures such as Vorox just might decide you'd make a tasty snack, or Bone Hunters might decide you've got something valuable. Vulcanus, Tajun, Tesara, Iconox, Roxtus, and Atero are the travel destinations you can go between. Map of Bara Magna - orange tint indicates dangerous area, other colour indicates which tribe the area belongs to. Light blue tint indicates Atero and Arena Magna, uncontested and neutral.
  • Communication - the primary action, done every round without fail. Remember, before you can make use of any information you learn in a backdoor PM, you need to officially learn of it. Each tribe will get its own official PM, and other PMs will no doubt spring up over the course of the game.
  • Arena Battle - This is an action between Glatorian, or anyone if it is a vehicle match. In Arena Battles, the two fighters will fight against each other, and this is one of the places where you'll likely use your stats the most - whoever wins will take whatever is at stake for their tribe. While not discouraged from an outside-perspective, a Glatorian who cheats or goes so far as to kill is considered dishonourable and may be exiled from their tribe, though intervention from others is not discouraged to save a Glatorian's life in such a battle - Glatorian are not infinite, and the tribes know this.
  • Other Actions - There are many other actions you may decide you want to do. Perhaps you're feeling a little dishonourable and wish to rig an arena battle in your favour. Perhaps you wish to search the barren deserts of Bara Magna for something. Perhaps you wish to silence someone to be silenced for either a short or infinite time. As long as you can think of an action, you can try to pull it off.


  • LEADER - These players lead their respective tribes. They make the final decisions, and their opinions can sway many Agori. If a Glatorian, General, or Diplomat does not do their job, or worse, it is up to them to fix that. The last thing a Leader wants is their Glatorian cheating or killing others, since that stains the whole tribe's reputation, or a Diplomat betraying their tribe, or a General being insubordinate and making a power-grab.
  • GLATORIAN - These players are the ones fighting for their tribe in the arena for resources, and are often more adept at fighting than the other roles. They can also choose to serve as mercenaries, protecting others on journeys between the villages or excursions into the deserts.
  • DIPLOMAT - These players are in charge of diplomatic relations between tribes, as well as trade - it is their job to ensure that supplies won in arena matches or sold and bought arrive in their destinations, and as such are also indirectly responsible for getting protection for others and themselves when travelling between villages.
  • GENERAL - These players are in charge of their tribe's army - leading it, training it, and maintaining it, as well as the safety of the villages themselves. Should the tribe's leader die, they will assume command of the tribe.


These stats will help set players apart, and you should fill out the following stat sheet and send it to me in a PM, titled as so: 'BZPBM: (MEMBER NAME)' , where member name is your BZP username. Do not show your stats to anyone else. You could fill it out to fit your desired role, but remember - you aren't guaranteed the role you want. You could also fill it out to make yourselves more manipulative or charismatic, or more lucky and agile - fill it out however you want. Some players may get bonuses depending on their roles, some might lose stats in some areas for the same reason - but those modifications will only occur after you have sent your stat form it, and after the roles have been assigned (remember, this isn't Mafia - here, you'll determine your roles in your tribe PM, where you stand a chance at getting the role you want). Furthermore, in-game events may increase or decrease those stats.


You will get 40 points to assign wherever you choose, and can assign a maximum of 10 points to any individual stat. Whenever you make a move that requires a roll, this will be added to a RNG roll out of 10 for a combined result out of 20.


Strength - determines things like attack damage, physical strength, use of large weapons

Perception - determines your ability to notice things, see through disguises, recognising an incoming attack or opportunity to attack

Endurance - stamina, how much damage you can take before you get exhausted or die, how much you can carry

Charisma - ability to persuade and influence others, how people perceive you,

Intelligence - success of more complex actions, ability to pilot vehicles, planning ability, historical knowledge

Agility - dodging, hit mitigation, stealth, use of smaller weapons

Luck - can be used to help chances in difficult rolls and mitigate your failed rolls. Fairly self-explanatory.




Fire Tribe

The Fire Tribe is largely located in the village of Vulcanus, entrenched in a canyon. Currently, things are very tense - two of its trainee Glatorian never returned after being sent to Tajun, and the former leader, Raanu, has died of old age, a new leader yet to be established. Due to the lava flowing through the village, it is also where the vast majority of Bara Magna's weapons and armour are forged and repaired, and as such its main trades involve supplying said weapons and armour to the other tribes. Its military is roughly 400 Agori strong.

  1. (LEADER)
  4. (GENERAL)

Water Tribe

The Water Tribe is located in the village of Tajun, next to the largest oasis on all of Bara Magna. As of recently, it finds itself victim of a higher-than-average amount of Bone Hunter Raids, preventing it from completing its trades and somewhat souring its relations with other tribes. Unsurprisingly, it mainly trades water to the other tribes, since it does not have many other resources of its own. Some also say that the village is home to long-forgotten secrets. Its military is roughly 300 Agori strong

  1. (LEADER)
  4. (GENERAL)

Jungle Tribe

The Jungle Tribe is largely limited to something very rare on Bara Magna: a wide area of dense plant growth. Unlike the other tribes, it has not one, but two villages, dubbed the 'Twin Villages of Tesara'. Currently, due to an offer made by the Skrall, its villages are deeply divided and may very well break out into a civil war. Due to its abundance of plant life, its main trade involves supplying food to the other tribes beyond the normal repulsive Thornax stew. Its military is roughly 700 agori strong, unevenly split between the villages.

  1. (LEADER)
  4. (GENERAL)

Ice Tribe

The Ice Tribe is largely located in the village of Iconox in the White Quartz Mountains, which sits atop the largest exsidian deposits on all of Bara Magna, a highly valuable and durable metal used in weapons, armour, and vehicles. It is no surprise that its main trades involve supplying exsidian to the other tribes, something it does very frequently - and, when not at stake in the arena, at extortionately high prices - something the other tribes only tolerate because there is no other known source of exsidian. Its military is roughly 450 agori strong.

  1. (LEADER)
  4. (GENERAL)

Rock Tribe

The Rock Tribe is unique compared to the other tribes: it has no glatorian of its own, and it has no Agori leader. Instead, it has the Skrall, a race of warriors stronger and faster than even the most highly-trained Glatorian. It is led by the self-styled 'Mighty Leader Tuma', a massive, towering Skrall. In place of the glatorian, the Skrall fight instead. They are based in Roxtus, in the Black Spike Mountains, and do not trade anything to the other tribes, instead simply sending their Skrall to fight in the arenas for them - because they always win. Its military is 600 strong, of which 525 are normal Skrall, 25 Elite Skrall, and 50 Agori in support roles.

  1. (LEADER)
  4. (GENERAL)

Iron Tribe

The Iron Tribe is not located in any one place, and there are not many of them. Instead of staying in any one place, the few Iron Tribe Agori that can be found on Bara Magna are scattered and nomadic, wandering the wastes and never welcome in any place, as they are outcasts for a reason now forgotten by all but the Iron Tribe itself. As such, it does not provide anything in trade, nor does it take anything - its members just simply often resort to taking what they work by force. Sometimes, they are contracted by the Skrall to do certain jobs, though what they are, only the Skrall and Iron Tribe know. Due its status, it has no military.

  1. (AGORI)



Once again, credit to BS01 for the images and BZPGOT for the massive inspiration and basis.


How does this look now? Still looking for a co-host - wondering how to split the host job. The target is 20-22 players, so I'm thinking that the individual 'stat' PMs have both of us - I'll add the co-host in once sent, as will the initial Tribe PMs. From there, we'll split the PM management.

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Recommended Comments

The whole thing looks good! If I had a suggestion with the host-cohost split, perhaps the main host can cover Leader/Diplomat/Agori, and the co-host covers Glatorian/General, or something to that effect, as that would split the amount of PMs they have to manage initially in half, and then anything major that happens in the individual PMs would be posted to the Host PM. Then, both hosts would be in location and group PMs, due to the amount of important events that tend to happen in those. I don't know how many major NPCs you plan to have, but Tuma should probably be played by you, and then if some of the canon characters appear as major NPCs, they could probably be split up by region between the 2 hosts. Minor NPCs could be controlled by both. Those are just my ideas, though; regardless, I'm looking forward to the game!

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You get to choose your tribe, though you cannot choose a tribe that is already full. Besides, things are subject to change.

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I recommend you simplify the stat system. Reduce it to a Mental stat, a Physical stat, and a Luck stat (for saving rolls). Trust me: It will save you and your co-host a LOT of pain. The stat system was a major contributor to me burning out on Season 2.


But then, who knows? Maybe with two hosts you can make it work.




Otherwise, I'm pretty much a fan of this, although I must say, as it's a BZPGOT spinoff, you should totally name it some like 'BZP's Storm of Swords' instead.


(e: finally got to a computer to fix the formatting)

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Will consider it - might simplify it to Physical/Mental/Luck, or 'SAIL' - Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Luck


Endurance can be rolled into strength, perception and charisma into intelligence. 


Think both are more simple, and might ultimately work better, all things considered. 

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I agree with Voltex on simplifying the stats.

I would help you with co-hosting but I really want to play in the game.

I'll ask around if you need help looking for somebody.

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