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Day 7: Wait, What?!



Well, I unfortunately missed Day 6 due to some personal happenings...


And today's Day 7. The end of my blog posts, for a long, long time.


Since I made you guys wait a day for more blog content, I am going to do something somewhat risky.


Here's a small segment from ​The Hero Tahu​.




Its shape resembled that of a shark fin, but it paled in comparison to a much larger, finished tower, colored white-and-blue. A logo with an H adorned the side of the tower.


“H...what could that stand for?” Gali mused.


“Hapori Tohu?” Ackar suggested.


Tahu snickered, but quickly regained his composure as Gali rolled her eyes. “H...huh...I got nothing.”


Mata Nui gasped. “I KNOW!! I KNOW!!”


“That doesn’t start with H,” Tahu muttered.


“I’ve been to this system before!” Mata Nui exclaimed, completely ignoring Tahu’s sarcasm. “This is Makuhero City.”


“Still doesn’t start with--okay fine I’m sorry!” Tahu stepped back, away from Gali as she raised her Axe.


“You’ve been here before? How??” Gali asked Mata Nui, who squirmed around in his throne.


Oh, Great Beings. I never told them that they’ve been living in a giant robot this whole time, did I? Well...we’re way past 2008, they should still know this by now. “I, uh, studied abroad. Anyway, that symbol’s for HERO FACTORY. Which means that this tower must be---”




Well, I didn't promise you it'd be long! Just a little something to prove to you all that I am alive, and am actually working on the next season of the still-untitled-remake comedy.


...oh, FINE.




Stronius: I ‘ave no idea what’s goin’ on.


Berix: I mean, at least no one’s screaming WOOHOO!!!!


TSO: Ouch. You really want me to go deaf too?


Berix: If it means I get to salvage your eardrums, then sure.


Stronius: Now I undastan’ why da special’s focusin’ on dem dree. You guys’re weird.


Berix: And you have your weird speech impediment from the original. So you’re no different.




That clearly makes no sense right now, but it doesn't have to. You'll see it all fit in very soon.


And with that, thank you so much for reading this! Look out for ​The Hero Tahu​ coming to the Comedies forum, soon!!




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