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dont mind me, just in emotional organ failure over the end of that

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10/10, will be emotionally gutting myself again when work slows down.

so, what happened in your playthrough, who did you leave behind?
I love how versatile the game feels, it seems like I can basically take any actions I please and the game will just go with it, the lack of a failure state is pretty refreshing.
also the music and art is really good which I'm sure was just so shocking.


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Captain Jodariel

Keeping watch over all of the Nightwings
She stayed true 'til the end
Ti'zo the wise
Ever faithful to the cause of the Nightwings
He stayed true 'til the end
The great mastermind
Volfred Sandlewood saw his plans turn to action
He stayed true 'til the end
The bog-dweller Bertrude
Kept her foes at bay with her finest enchantments
She stayed true 'til the end
(i lost my second rite to Dalbert, who freed Almer, and gave up my final spot to Oralech)

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Long and short is, I had to choose at the very end because I screwed up my second liberation rite. The Fate won that, and I gave Oralech his freedom in my final rite, which was meant to send Jodi home...


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Aw. I ended up keeping Pamatha andante Volfred there. I wanted to keep the two sisters together and I thought it was appropriate for Volfred to go down with his ship and whatnot. But I still feel bad for them.

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