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Bionicle G3? Did I miss something?



First of all, I apologise for my long absence. I have found my irl calling and spent a lot of time pursuing it. Furthermore, I have been focusing more on Pokémon VGC.


Second, I've started hearing a lot about Bionicle G3 today. Is that really a thing, even if just a rumour? If so, please do tell!


In other news I do have a rough idea for a Gen 1 soft reboot set on Spherus Magna, which I could post somewhere at a later date.


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I can probably answer your question regarding G3, but first, may I ask where you've been hearing about it?

Takuma Nuva

TTV was where I caught the first whiff, when it was mentioned in their FB post about their podcast. Then I looked to BZPower's forum and it told me the rest.

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"When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.  When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When Lego has run out of money and ideas. Then you will return, my sun-and-stars, and not before."

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Over at the TTV Channel, we've been working on a thought experiment/community project where we decided, instead of just criticizing everything LEGO did right or wrong with Bionicle G2, we'd give it a go of our own to see just how difficult it is. We asked ourselves what we would do if we were in charge of coming up with the third generation of Bionicle, keeping in mind that we had to have a strong story/premise that worked commercially for selling sets in the usual twice-yearly waves. It started out as something small we mentioned in passing, but has since grown into its own video series with tons of community art, story beats, and set designs added to our own ideas.
This is not us trying to pitch an idea to LEGO. This is not us trying to Bring Back Bionicle. There's no "wishful thinking" or "dead Kikanalo" being beaten here. We simply decided to put the proverbial money where the proverbial mouth is and see just how monumental a feat it is to try and organize something like this and it has been very well received by the community.
Funny enough, though not at all surprising, we always explicitly state what this is all about every time we talk about it, but the comments asking where the confirmation of a new Bionicle generation came from never stop showing up and probably never will, so there's modern awareness fer ya.

Takuma Nuva

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I hope you understand I wasn't referring to TTV, Takuma. More fan created content can never be a bad thing. It's the people you mentioned in your last paragraph that are grinding my gears, is all.

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