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Engaged! ^^

Akaku: Master of Flight


Today is a wonderful day! I'm up at the cottage with my dearly beloved Lauren (known as Inferna Firesword on here!), and I just proposed to her. She said yes! :D


Crazy to think I'm going to get married to someone I met on this website about nine years ago this month if we remember things correctly :P big thanks to everyone here at BZP who've run the site, as I never would've met her without you :)


--Akaku: Master of Flight

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The both of you have my sincere congratulations. I have found that you are both extraordinary people; I hope that your union is equally so.



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:kaukau: Taking nine years to propose?  I like it.  I've always found it really beautifully when people take things slowly.  Of course, not that you were dating her when you first met her on BZP, but still.  Anyway, have a great life together!  And make sure to literally change your surnames to Firesword during the wedding.  Because then you'd me the most awesome couple in the neighborhood.



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