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It'll be a good day when I have my vocal chord surgery.


It'll also be a good year when I remember to take my HRT medications on time properly, but a couple days off isn't as bad as forgetting for a month straight.


Plus, got some nice skirts that I should wear out sometime.

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Yeah, they shorten the vocal chords to alter how the voice sounds -- for a lot of cases, it'd be combined with the adam's apple "shaving" (according to my doctor at least) which can leave scarring/no talking or verbal sounds for 3 weeks. But, since my adam's apple isn't that prominent at all, I can likely do the laser option where it just uses laser to shorten the chords and that has the "no talking/verbal sounds" for 48 hours, so comparatively it's a lot better if it's possible to do.

And less painful recovery period and stuff, too. 

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As a speech-language pathologist, I would also recommend that you seek out a therapist in your area who specializes in voice (even better if they specialize in voice feminization).  This is a less common branch of the profession and they may have a bit of a waiting list.  Your surgeon may have a clinic to refer you to, but all the same it is definitely worthwhile to make sure.  Particularly after your surgery, a speech-language pathologist would be able to give you strategies to use your new voice safely and could give you strategies to help you prevent losing or damaging it.

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Yeah, I know of the one in the area who is really booked with a massive waiting list. There's an app she made that I mostly use, or try to, but otherwise it's too expensive for anyone else for me personally to try to go to. So it's mostly done via the app and suggestions from other trans women at the GIC, who get that type of therapy and can impart some of the tips and knowledge. 

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Like most of the others here; I didn't know vocal chord surgery was a thing; that's interesting.

Well good luck with everything!

Not talking or making verbal sounds for 48 hours sounds really frustrating though...

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