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Belated Travel Log - BrickFair VA 2017 (Directory)

Jedi Master J.


Hey, folks. It been quite awhile since I wrote an entry. No fault to BZP, I just haven't been feeling like writing a lot lately. But anyway, since I did go to BrickFair VA earlier this month, I figured I pop in and write up a summary of my trip here.


So yeah, if you like to know how it went for me this year, here are links to my summaries of each day (I separated my summaries into separate entries since it look really bad formatting wise as the entry was so long.):


- Day 1

- Day 2

- Day 3

- Day 4

- Day 5

- Conclusion


Of course, if you don't really care to read all that (Which I can't hugely blame as it mostly just a recap of my socially awkwardness) and you just want to see photos, here are links to my galleries:


- My Brick Badges

- My MOCs >>> The Green Comet, Matoro One, Star Striker, Dikawu, Kermit the Frog-Spider



- Castle

- Mecha

- Mixed

- Mosaic

- Pop Culture

- Space

- Star Wars

- Town


Note: I do not have pictures of everything on display at BrickFair VA 2017. Just what I managed to take during a slow period on Saturday, while my phone was low on battery and close to full on storage (I should have brought a laptop on this trip to extract my photos from my phone to save space. That or had an actual camera.). I do feel like I did get all of BIONICLE table stuff though, so there is that.


- JMJ 2017

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