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Belated Travel Log - BrickFair VA 2017, Day 1

Jedi Master J.


Honestly this day was kind of uneventful. I left my home at 9:30-ish AM since that was the time that I was told by most people would be best in order to avoid work traffic on I-95. Oh, and I was alone this time (For those that don't remember in 2015, I attended with my only real life friend that time. He didn't come this time around as I always felt bad for making him use his vacation time for the trip [Even though, technically I payed for everything and he did have a good time there] to LEGO Con that only really interested me.), so I only had my music to keep me company for 2 to 3 hour trip there.


Here's a short list of my music (For those curious on what I may listen to on the way there):

- Undertale soundtrack

- Steven Universe songs

- Occasional Pokémon music (I have a fan made Pokémon Gen 1 symphony music and Anime 90s songs like PokéRAP)

- The World Ends With You soundtrack

- Ni No Kuni soundtrack

- Banjo-Kazooie Symphony

- Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess soundtrack (from an old Nintendo Power)

- Smash Bros. Melee symphony music (from an old Nintendo Power)


But anyway, there is not much say about the drive. I mean trucks always made me a bit uneasy, but I didn't really have any problems getting there, which was good. My GPS though did have tolls unintentionally turned off, so the trip ended up taking longer because of that. From what I remembered, I arrived around 12:40-ish. I parked my car near the end of hotel parking (by the car wash place).


After that, I went in to see if I could check in early since otherwise I would been sitting in my car for like two hours or so. The clerk was busy helping someone with the shuttle, so I decided to take a seat and wait till he was free again. Of course, since I did that, other people (I think I saw Takuma Nuva and company there) had shown up to check in and I wasn't technically in line, so I figured I might as well step out for a bit and get lunch.


I went to Burger King and got a Double Cheeseburger and medium fries for lunch. Not much say there, beside I didn't vomit in a parking lot like last time (I am never going to forget that), so that was good. After a little bit, I went back over to hotel. There wasn't a line anymore, so I checked in and got my stuff out of the car. It took about three trips or so roughly (I didn't bother with a handcart since I figure my car was a bit too far out to carry one of those out to.)


My last trip to the car, I basically went back down with a bag that I emptied since I want to get my suit jacket (Which I later found out was my brother's unfortunately) and dressed shirt out of the car discreetly (They were hanging up in my back seat). I did that because I want to avoid people possibly asking about it or pressuring me to wear it for "fancy" dinner on Sunday (I mean yes, I did bring it for that, but I was still on the fence about that event and whether or not I would be there.).


After this point, I chilled in hotel room for awhile since I was a bit tired from drive. Hm... I guess I'll mention this, I technically had my Nintendo Switch with me for this trip. I brought it along since I want to see if I could still have taken part in the Spatfest that week (Ketchup vs Mayo). Of course, that didn't worked out as I soon figure out I couldn't get it to connect to internet (I should figured that wouldn't of work due to log in system for WiFi there) and I couldn't get it to work on the TV there. Really after that point, I just locked my Switch up in the room safe since I didn't want to attract attention with it (Like last thing, I need it to be is stolen or damaged) by carrying it around with me (That and my case for it is kind of heavy to carry around.).


But anyway, I stay in my room till like 4:00 PM at which point I decided that I should head to con before it got much later. I basically spent most of my time wandering that day since I wasn't sure where put my MOCs. That and I didn't want to step on anyone's toes by just placing them anywhere in BIONICLE section. I am also coward when it comes to starting conversations with people (A lot of times I will stand near the person that I want to talk to in hopes that they will notice and say something, so I can take it as permission to say something back... ), so I was kind of afraid to ask anyone for help.


As result, I spent several hours lugging my MOCs around in a medium size box, wandering around the con, looking at stuff, and occasionally ducking into the cafe to rehydrate at the water foundation. I didn't really talk to anyone. Just kept to myself mostly.


After a little while of that, I downloaded the schedule from the website and I decided to attend the Orientation event in the Bingo area since hey, I am kind of new to this (even though I have been here once before). It was nice little chill thing, so I was glad I went. I decided to stick around for next thing, which was some sort guess the punchline game (Oh, yeah, I knew that). It was kind of entertaining. I didn't bother to take part really. I do recall Takuma Nuva winning something during that, so congrats to him.


After that event, Bingo Grande started... I was close a few times to getting bingo, but ultimately I wasn't luck enough (Especially since Todd said the number way too fast at times that I often had to repeat it in my mind as he went on to next one.). Not much to say here, outside I appreciated my MOC box since it made a good table for bingo sheet. XD


The last thing of the day was Opening Ceremonies... I got say I was not a big fan of this whole checking in thing for door prizes as it would just not work for me (Checkbox function just wouldn't work on my phone). No idea how others got it to work (They clearly have magic phones. =P). Oh, well, my chances of winning anything wasn't that high to begin with anyway. XD


But anyway, Opening Ceremonies at least gave me an explanation as to why I didn't get program guide or map since apparently they were late in printing them and would have them next day. For the record, I never actually did get one though, so I just continued to use the digital schedule and map when I need to check something. XD


Besides that, they announced some sort of promotional thing from LEGO Group. I never actually got one of those card things though, so sadly I didn't get to see what that was about exactly. *shrugs*


That's pretty much only stuff I remember from opening ceremonies. After that was over, I just head back to my hotel with my MOCs since I was kind of tired and I went to bed.


- JMJ 2017








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