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Belated Travel Log - BrickFair VA 2017, Day 2

Jedi Master J.


I woke up the next day around 6 AM. After a quick shower, I bag up yesterday’s clothes in a trash bag and took it to my car. I did that since I figure it would make packing up and leaving on Monday much easier (For the record, it did.). That and it gave me an excuse to check on my vehicle every morning. I am paranoid and want to make sure my car was still there as if there is anything I didn't want to experience on my first solo trip, it is getting my car jacked. I would pretty much never want to leave my state or home again, if that happened.


So after checking my car and storing my laundry inside, I had breakfast at McDonald's (No vomiting... Yay!) since I figured that I should go somewhere else, beside Burger King. In hindsight though, pancakes (Which is what I ate at McDonald's) are much cheaper at Burger King (My sister reminded me of that fact on last day basically.). XD


But anyway, after I finished my meal there, I wisely decided to go to Walmart in order pick up a book bag since I learned from my box jugging travels on first day that I was going to need something better carry things in. Especially since the "free" BrickFair bag this year was tiny and not as useful as 2015 bag for carrying things (I pretty much use that 2015 bag to carry my lunch, a hoodie, and an umbrella to work every day. XD).


Of course, Walmart didn't actually have any book bags, so I ended up picking one of those hiking water backpacks instead since it mostly same thing as a book bag, except it has pockets for holding water packs. It was a pretty expensive bag though (Roughly $40). I probably should have gone with one of smaller ones since they were a little cheaper. Still it was pretty useful, so I would say it worth it in the long run.


I also got a pair of cheap scissors there, so I could easily remove the tags from the bag after buying it. I didn’t use them for anything else, so they just remain in the hiking bag for rest of the trip though. XD I did consider maybe buying a shaving razor since I forgot to bring one. I decided not to since I figure it wasn’t going to grow long enough to be annoying in five days. (Arguably I should maybe consider getting one for Sunday…)


After I was done with Walmart, I headed back to hotel to pick up my MOCs. I removed them from the box that I carried around on first day (For the record, that box was actually what Brappy Hour [bionicle Raptor] used to send me the leftover BZP shirts for my past giveaway.) and I placed that box in the closet for later use (since it was what I was going to hand off the MOCs to Black Six for the circuit).


But anyway, they fit in the hiking bag perfectly, which was a relief as I had been worried they wouldn’t fit inside (It was entire reason I went with larger more expensive bag as it look less likely to have a problem lugging my MOCs around.). I also put my 3DS in the bag since it meant, “Yay, more pocket space". That and I put the vending machine water bottle (that I was refilling at water fountain) on one of outer side pockets for easy access (I actually did bring a proper water bottle with me on the trip, but I left it in the room's fridge since I wanted to save my Philly water for trip home. XD)


So after I got the bag ready, I went out for a bit of fresh air and sat on a bench for awhile. It was nice chilling there and watching as people go by. Honestly I think I might try to make a habit of that at home as it was kind nice to get away from computer screens for a little while. Admittedly it was a bit lonely too... But well, I imagine most of my adult life will be like that when I eventually move out to live on my own someday, so best get use to it now.


Moving on from that thought, I eventually return to my room to charge up my phone and then I went over to the convention center since I want to check out Fan Media panel since Black Six, danny316p, and Jonathan Juan [Formerly Kahi] were hosting that. It was interesting hearing them discuss fan media and their relationship with LEGO Group, etc.


Oh, and I was too much of coward to sit with the others listening to panel, so I was sitting in the back row by myself. XD Aanchir did noticed me though and said hello briefly when he left the panel early. That was nice of him to said hello. A bit later his brother, Lyichir, also said hello briefly when he was leaving with his laptop in tow. When the panel ended, I basically return to wandering and occasionally resting at Cafe area. I did that till around noon-ish, then head back to hotel to rest up a bit and get some lunch. I went to Burger King and order to go since I didn't want to drink Cherry Coco-Cola again (Not a big fan of that).


I was walking back to hotel to eat when I ran into Takuma Nuva, AT, and bunch of others, who I guess also had the same idea to go get lunch at this hour. I moved out of there way on the sidewalk, then continue on my way to the hotel. So yeah, I ate my lunch in the room (No vomiting... Yay!). I guess watched a couple of YouTube videos on my tablet, while I let my phone charge. Oh, and considered maybe moving my car... (I didn't do it ultimately).


After my phone fully charged, I head back to the con and to seek Aanchir out since it sounds like it could use some company at the time. Apparently AT had the same idea, so I got say hello him too. They asked me how the trip there was and I said it was fine, although it was a bit stressful (Hard for it not be considering there are trucks out there. XD). Not much else came out of that, so I eventually I decided to leave them be and return to wandering...


Uh, I found a balloon in the rafts of the expansion building. Oh, I start listening to music on my phone since I had my earbuds (See the list from Day 1). I had to fight the urge to singalong to "Do it for her" when it came on in my shuffle. XD Eventually I run into Aanchir again and he helped me out in asking DeeVee where to put my MOCs that I brought for the con. So thanks again to Aanchir for that. I imagine I would still had them on me by Friday, if it weren't for that assistance. XD


Around 4:00 PM, I returned to hotel to air my feet out since they "screaming" to be release from their shoe prisons. Not much happen there, outside of a brief thunderstorm (Which convinced me to add my umbrella to hiking bag). The storm stopped a little before the yard sale was starting, so I headed back down to check that out. Honestly I wasn't sure what to expect from that since I wasn't around for the one in 2015 (I think we were at Air & Space Museum that day, if I recall correctly.). I also didn't have a lot of money with me, so I wasn't planning on getting a lot of stuff. I was mostly looking for Onua Uniter for Vox. Sadly it didn't look like anyone had Gen 2 sets for sale really.


So I started looking for stuff that I might of wanted and end up finding a Tahu Mata set, which I been wanting to get for years since I always want one of original red Kanohi Hau (I have Stars Hau and Grey Hau from Mask of Light set). I decided to pick it up since it wasn't too much (About $7).


I also got Kalmah for $8 (I brought it since I want play around with idea of a Splatoon MOC), a Mystery Bag of Parts for $2, and lastly a large 2017 BZP shirt from Brappy Hour (It took me awhile to buck up the courage to approach him and get one.) for $10. So I spent $27 in total on the yard sale.


Once that was done, I head back in the direction of hotel since I want to have dinner before it got too late. I end up settling on McDonald's (No vomiting... Yay!) since any other options such as pizza was too far of a walk and I didn't want move my car at night (I have very little night driving experience. I could probably have done it, but I decided to air on the side of caution and kept my car where it was.).


Not much else happened after that, I just clear out streetpasses on 3DS and call it a night basically.


- JMJ 2017










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