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Belated Travel Log - BrickFair VA 2017, Day 4

Jedi Master J.


This day was the first public day, so quite a bit happen. I'll try to just summarized highlights for ease of reading and have a little less rambling on my part. XD


I got up at 5 AM this time around., Mostly because I was tossing and turning a lot, so it had less to do with going to bed early. But anyway, standard routine... Took a shower, check my car and store my laundry basically. After that, I ate pancakes at McDonald's (Actually it was in my room since they gave me a bag for some reason, even though I ask to eat in.). I then sat on the benches by pool area and enjoy the weather for awhile, again. I did see briefly a bird collecting material for a nest, while I was out there.


After seeing a bunch of people head to the con, I went over at 9:30-ish AM before the public was let in. And well, I bucked up the courage and finally went over to BIONICLE table (I only did it briefly on second day to put my MOCs up). I saw Aanchir & Lyichir there, so I said good morning to the two. They were building the new Ninjago set for Destiny's Bounty (It looks like a pretty cool set), which they brought on Friday (I believe). I had brief conversation with them (Mostly just catching up with them,,, Although I think I poorly explained where I work to them... Basically I work in the engineering department of a machine shop that makes helicopter parts for Boeing).


Makuta Luroka talked with me for a little bit and thank me again for the sets. Oh, and I had a brief hello with Ryan [Lady Kopaka] too. ChocolateFrogs, Emzee, and GSR also show up a few times where my MOCs were station.


Speaking of ChocolateFrogs, he is pretty much the only person that reference to me by my full username (Jedi Master J. rather than JMJ). It seems a bit weird. But well, at least it wasn't my real name. XD I am always taken back when people use that instead because it like when did I tell you that... (It is not on my nametag, for the record. It probably should be. If I go again next year, I'll probably should have my real name on my badge.).


As for Emzee, I probably should of introduce myself to him. Man, I wish I was better at this social stuff. I never knowwhat to say to people (It is no wonder why I don't have many friends.). GSR, on the other hand, I think knew me, but I am not sure. I mean we kind of met in 2015. But anyway, I saw him try to play Sherlock Holmes Ace Attorney 2 briefly on his 3DS at one point (I actually kind hum one of Ace Attorney themes to myself when I noticed that.).


Oh, and ChocolateFrogs also had some promo Wonder Woman comics to give out, which he ask a few people to give it out when he wasn't there. I didn't realized I was included in that group, so I didn't give out any of those comics that day (Sorry...). XD


I also had to deal with a lot of public people thinking the bird and snake MOCs were my MOCs just because I was near them. (I always corrected them since I don't like lying to people.). XD Additionally I stared at that bird MOC long enough to notice it was missing wing pieces.


I do recall having an interesting conference with a public person. They were inquiring about the alternate colored Toa Olda since they were curious how they got the pieces to make them. I explained that I didn't create it, but I believe they got the masks from the mask packs during Gen 1. Oh, and public guy was a fan of MNOLG.


Although using the term Gen 1 made the kid next me berated me afterwards saying that they wouldn't know what I am talking about since Gen 2 was so low-key for most people... I mean I guess that make sense, although they arguably could just ask me what I meant by Gen 1 and I could explain there had been a short-lived renewal of BIONICLE in 2015. *shrugs*


Later on, when I checked my 3DS for streetpasses, that kid had me added him for some reason. I mean I didn't have Luigi's Mansion 2 with me, so it wasn't like I could play it with him. All I had is Smash Bros, which I am not very good at and I only have it with me because it is easy to clear streetpasses in quickly (Well, technically I have Pokémon Red & Animal Crossing: New Leaf too, but they are not games that I think anyone local want to play me in. I would been cool though, if I could of had someone to trade back and forth with in Pokémon Red though since I still hadn't start Pokémon Blue runs on my other 3DS. XD). So yeah, that was a bit weird, especially since all I wanted to do was clear my Mii Plaza out. XD


At one point, I did say hello to Black Six. I kind of feel bad for not wishing him a happy birthday when I saw him. But well, I concluded in my head at the time that I shouldn't since I am not that close to him. *shrugs* Uh... happy belated birthday, Black Six. I hope it was a good one.


There also another con attendee (I never got their name and I probably should of told them mines), who was looking for lost and found. I recall seeing a sign for it during yard sale on Thursday, so I kind of jump into action to help them... I went to table that I thought it was, but the sign wasn't there. So I wasn't sure and decide to head to Check In area since there might of been a map or someone more knowledge about the con than me. I did find an older woman with a map over there, but she didn't acknowledge me, so I took that as I shouldn't bother her. Eventually I saw a map unattended (Saw Kevin Hinkle there too, maybe I should of try to get his help) and it basically concluded that it was at that table.


So I led them back to that table (Where DeeVee & Nukaya were doing their volunteer work for the con) and I thought okay, they should help you now and return to Bionicle table. Honestly I kind of feel bad about that. I should of stuck with them there and made sure they found their thing alright.


But anyway, I was basically at Bionicle table for the entire public hour. Let's just say I was very hungry after that. I definitely learn a lesson to pack some snacks next time. XD When the public hour ended... I took that as my opportunity to finally get food. I didn't want to travel too far on an empty stomach, so I settled on con's cafe. I only saw popcorn and pretzels for sale there, so I just brought one of their overpriced soft pretzels to tided my stomach over. (No vomiting... Yay!)


After that brief meal, I went around and took some pictures in expansion building area since there was less people around due to the second yard sale (and I guess some left for a meal, maybe), so I took a picture of most of stuff over there. Once I was done over there, I head to Bionicle tables and got pictures there My phone start to die after I got the whole Bionicle section, so I decide to take that as sign and head back to hotel for a bit. I got dinner at Burger King (Ate in my hotel room... No vomiting... Yay!) and charged up my phone.


I was a bit on the fence about whether or not I would return after that. Eventually I decided to return since I want to get some more photos since this was pretty much my last opportunity for that (I mean people would be packing up mighty quickly after second public day). I got back there a little before Adult Swim and Kid Swim was going to start. I just went around getting as much pictures as I could (I got 582 total)


Sadly I didn't get any of the moving MOCs since most of them were off after the public hours. I definitely regret not getting the Iron Giant one as that was really cool display (They were doing maintenance after public hours, so I couldn't get a picture of that). But anyway, I finished up getting all my photos just as Adult Swim was starting. I consider maybe sticking around, but I thought I feel awkward around people drinking, so wisely decided to just head back to my room.


Lastly I closed the day out by playing around with my tablet some and calling it a night around 9:30-ish PM.


- JMJ 2017










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