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Belated Travel Log - BrickFair VA 2017, Day 5

Jedi Master J.


Like the first public day quite a bit happen on this day, so I'll try to just summarized highlights for ease of reading and have a little less rambling on my part. XD


I got up at 6 AM this time and shower I basically did the usual, check my car and store my laundry. This time around though, I ate pancakes at Burger King since my sister reminded me the day before that they were cheaper there. XD


I then went to Walmart to buy some snack food (since I learned my lesson from public day 1)... I got Pepperidge Farm's Pizza Flavor Goldfish and 12 pack of Oreos (I didn't eat the Oreos there, so they are now in my snack food stash at home for when I need a food energy boost). Once I had that, I just sat on the benches by pool area and enjoy the weather for awhile


Eventually I went over to con at 9:30-ish AM before the public was let in since again, I saw a lot of people heading that way. Surprisingly enough I was one of the first people at the Bionicle table that day (I guess some people were sleeping off the alcohol maybe... I don't know. I am not an expert on that kind of thing since I never had it before.


I think the first person that I saw that day was Makuta Luroka. It was nice seeing him again and I appreciated his company when he was around a few times. I hope he had a good trip back home (He left a little while after public hours start.). A bit later, Aanchir, Lyichir, DeeVee, Emzee, GSR, and others start to show up and eventually public was let in. There was quite a bit of slow periods this time, so I kind of alternate between sitting (when there was a chair available) and standing. I can't really think of anything from public wise that stood out really.


I mean there was an aside comment from someone that my Kermit the Frog-Spider was "creepy" Although I wasn't really bother by that. I was more just wondering to myself how it was creepy since it looks more ugly cute to me. XD


Oh, a little later into the public hours, ChocolateFrogs show up and he wisely set up a sign that say "Free" and put the promo comics from yesterday at the edge of table for people to take. I kind of made it my mission to let people know they were in fact free and that people should feel free to take them (Basically to make up for the fact I unintentionally failed him on the first public day). It seem to have worked since all the comics were gone by end of public hours.


Also GSR offer briefly for me to go get lunch with him. I declined since my Goldfish stash was keeping me going fine enough (That and I must admit eating food with others tend to make me most self-conscious... ).


But anyway, when the public hours end, I boxed up my stuff for Black Six (I brought my box in my 2015 BrickFair bag) and basically chill in the Bionicle area till Closing Ceremonies since I wasn't sure what else to do. I didn't want to step on anyone's toes by trying help with clear up, especially since I am not expert on how things are done there. I was joined brief during that chill period by Aanchir, Xaeraz, and some others. It was kind of nice.


Oh, and I felt proud of myself that I knew Aanchir wasn't Lyichir, even without his nametag (Aanchir was wearing a hoodie, red pants, and laced shoes that day, while Lyichir wearing a t-shift, shorts, and loafer shoes. Lyichir also seem more inclined to wear his hat indoors at least from what I observed.)


As it got closer to Closing Ceremonies, I was kind alone again and I was mentally debating with myself, if I should go over to Black Six and hand off my MOCs. I didn't want bother him since he was kind of busy collecting up all Circuit and Mosaic stuff at the time... Ultimately I took my box with me to Closing Ceremonies. As for that event, there's not much say about it. Especially since I didn't bother with check in thing as it was not worth wasting data over something that I knew wouldn't work.


Afterwards though, I head over to where I saw Black Six's MOC boxes were and I basically just wait there till he came back over. Eventually Black Six came over and I hand off my MOCs to him after a little bit (It took awhile for me to actually say anything...). Oh, and I saw Takuma Nuva briefly during that wait and said hi.


And that was BrickFair VA in a nutshell. I head to my hotel after that and call it a night... Okay, that's not exactly what happened after that. I mean it was the plan at the time technically after giving Black Six my MOCs. XD


But well, there was a fancy dinner (The Grand Finale for the event). I was rather on fence about going, especially since I know I have problem with crowds of people (That and previously mention issue with being a bit self-conscious about food). But I don't know... Both AT & Aanchir say I should go. Even my older sister from far away was saying I should go. I also did bring my interview / funeral clothes (Since those are only uses, this suit has had. Attending my grandmother's funeral and a job interview in New Jersey) with me, so I thought, "Alright, I guess I'll go."


So I got dressed in the clothes and realized as I put on the suit jacket that I grab the wrong one. It had been my little brother's (Who is much thinner than me), which I should of realized was his jacket since it has real outside pockets (Mines doesn't.). That was a bit of derailment there, especially since it made me more self-conscious since I knew the dressed shirt was missing some buttons and the tie was a bit short and poorly tied. Honestly I paced the room several times, wondering if I should go or not.


As time crept by, I decided to go and step out my room. Slowing approached the elevator as I had second thoughts and considered bolting back to my room... I kept going though. Click the elevator button, then click floor 1 as I got on... And I entered the lobby and was instantly spotted... Someone (Lady Kopaka, I think) remarked about me being cute and I instantly start feeling embarrassed and self-conscious... To avoid any more attention, I quickly sat down and start staring at glass end-table in order to not focus on anyone for too long.


Sometime after that Zatth made an appearance, while I was still very self-conscious, I thought it was cool that he was able to make it to this event at least and I hope he had a good trip to Korea (Also my apologizes for jumping away at dinner when you briefly talk to me.). Soon after that, the cars for the dinner started loading up. I decide to join ChocolateFrogs, InnerRayg, Emzee, and jed1ndy for the ride over.


I must admit ChocolateFrogs driving kind of made me unease (Held on to door handle thing for most of the ride). He is pretty good parking though (Much better than me, I probably would spent 5 to 10 minutes adjusting the car in the spot.). XD But anyway, we got there pretty quick since it is not that far away really. Knowing that kind made me had thoughts of running off to the hotel, I must admit...


I didn't though and went inside with others. After they adjusted the tables to support the huge group of people, I sat off on own and kind of hope that would be enough for me to relax a little. Forgetting, of course, that not everyone was there yet and was eventually join by Black Six, DeeVee, and Nuyaka.


Not wanting to get their attention, I tried to focus on something. First thing being some weird blue spots on the floor, which I guess was maybe gum or something. I don't know. I focus on that a lot to begin with. It seem to have work as they ease off after I didn't respond after awhile. That put me a little at ease until I got the menu and thought, "Oh, geez... Are they going judge me for ordering off the children's menu? Maybe I should order something else. But nothing sounds appealing... What do I do? Uh, just order a side dish like mash potato or baked potato... Nah, that would just be weird. Uh..."


Drink wise was simply since only options seem be alcohol (Which I wasn't going to drink), so I got some water and gave me my second distraction, which was water sweat particles. I mindless play around with the water particles and it kind of put me at ease a little...


So for a little while, I was at ease and relax a little and let my guard down. Eventually the waiter came back and ask what I would like to order... I simply point to grilled cheese on menu with a side of fries. There were no remarks, so I took some relief in that. As I wait for the food to arrive, I notice a moth in the room, while I am not technically afraid of moths. It did make me instinct more jumpy seeing it fly around since my body by default assumes it is a bee and want to run. I jumped quite a few times whenever I saw it flying around...


But anyway, eventually my food came. First thing I did was moved the dipping sauce thing off my plate and took the lemon off my water since I wasn't going to use either. Then I gradually ate the fries (They were decent, not the best fries that I had. XD).


Once I cleared the plate of fries, I ate grilled cheese. It was kind of weird how cheese was a bit stretchy, while I ate it. I mean I know cheese can be stretchy (I seen it plenty times with pizza), although I never had it do that with grilled cheese before. (Another weird thing was that none of the cheese stick to plate.) Maybe I ate it weirdly. I don't know. That stood out to me for some reason. It was decent grilled cheese though. I thought the placement of it was kind of weird though (Like two on their side, two on their back. I guess it fancy way of stacking them.).


After I was done with the meal, I went back to dissociating with water particles again. I start feeling uncomfortable again when people start moving around. Especially when DeeVee and Nuyaka were talking to side of me briefly and excessively complimenting me (It pretty much had the opposite effect of what they were trying to do. That and kind of made me feel like someone's kid nephew. XD).


So once they done with that, I unfold my napkin and put the silverware on those small plates, so I could use napkin to clean up the water particles. While I did that, apparently Emzee pop over to catch up with his friends (Black Six, DeeVee, Nuyaka) here, which took me a bit by surprised when the table got bumped. The silverware kind moved a little, so I stash it back inside the napkin so that no one would get hurt, if table was bumped again.


A little bit later, InnerRayg show up too. Since I didn't want to have people hover over me like that and be an awkward seventh wheel, I just jump to end of booth seats, so they could just take that spot.

The blue spots were underneath me now, so I briefly look at it. I concluded they probably wasn't gum, after all. Moving on from that, my stomach was a bit tied up in knots. I didn't bring my Pepto-Bismol (Left it in my room), so I try just breathing in & out hoping that maybe that would give my stomach some slightly comfort.


I did it occasionally in my fist since I thought it helped to have a means of channeling it like a paper bag. *shrugs* For a brief period, the noise was starting to bother me, so I try cover up my ears. It didn't work that well, so kind of gave up after a little bit and just deal with it.


Eventually I got the check for my meal. It was about $5, so I put $7 in there since that seem like a reasonable tip. (I am not good at calculating the 15% thing in my head. Probably should load up my phone's calculator.) *shrugs* Not sure on time placement, but DeeVee and Nuyaka said their goodbye to me at some point. I think I may of awkwardly shook DeeVee's hand. *shrugs*


At some point after that, ChocolateFrogs came over and try to start a conversation with me. He said along the lines of, "Have you spoken to [bLANK]?" I honestly had no idea who he was talking about. I think I respond with no, but I may of just nonverbal it. *shrugs* Sometime after, I saw Emzee & ChocolateFrogs get up and start heading through crowds. Not wanting to possibly get left behind in case they were leaving, I follow the two out through crowds. They ended up mingling with some people over there, so I kind of just hover outside the crowd unsure where to stand and stuff.


I unintentionally end up floating where Lady Kopaka & Zatth were, so it was rather awkward when they noticed me. It thankfully wasn't a very long conversation and eventually ChocolateFrogs show up to let know he was ready to go back, so I just follow him out with the others.


Apparently jed1ndy was getting a ride back with his father, so it was just the four of us in ChocolateFrogs's car this time around. But anyway, the ride back was just as unease and quick as the ride there. Once we got there, I thanked ChocolateFrogs for the ride over and back. Then I bolted into the hotel and click the elevator button.


When elevator open, I again I bolted in and clicked floor 3 button. Of course, I didn't realized that would instantly close the door and panic button-spam to open the door back up, so InnerRayg could get on. I felt so bad about that and apologize to them for it .He seem understanding, got on the elevator, and click his floor 5. It was pretty awkward elevator ride.


But anyway, we went our separate ways and I rush to my room. I changed out the dressed clothes and instantly went to bed since I was emotionally exhausted and just want to turn my brain off. That was the final day of BrickFair VA in a nutshell basically.


- JMJ 2017










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