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More Overwatch




Been playing it pretty consistently since I got it. Usually there are a few hours in the morning I can squeeze in. So far my top hero playtimes are:


- trashmouse

- ^__^ >__< x__x

- combat frog

- justice bird

- ghost boy

- the cavalry

- grandma


Check out my sweet achievements I guess.


Got some fun skins and things from the Summer Games but I want to unlock ALL THE EMOTES. In time, I guess. But Halloween is coming up, so I have that to look forward too.



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At least you all still get updates. Meanwhile, it's been over 400 days since Team Fortress 2 has had one. The only reason I still play it is because it's my brother's favorite game. (He's only 13, by the way, and already better at the game than I can ever hope to be)

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