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Thoughts on the Latest Updates to Pokemon Go

Toa Smoke Monster



Upon making this entry, I realized that I haven't talked about Pokemon Go since last February. Let's fix that. :)


Pokemon Go has changed a lot since Gen 2 was released.


The gyms have been completely redone, and for the better IMO. Now they can only have six Pokemon in them, with none of them being duplicates of each other. Plus they count as Pokestops as well. You can even feed berries to the Pokemon in the gym if it's under control by your team, helping them stay in there longer and giving the player stardust in return. Their set up is a lot better than the gyms of old, as they can give a reason to use different Pokemon for gyms other than Dragonite and Gyarados if they are already in said gym.


Players can now find shiny Magikarp and Pikachu in the game, though they are VERY hard to find. (You can also hatch a shiny Pichu from a 2K egg, though it is also really rare) They make for a nice surprise to find whenever you are on the hunt for Pokemon.


But the biggest and coolest added feature IMO are the Raid Battles. These are where you battle super strong Pokemon, and a lot of them can't be beaten by one person. I actually joined a couple groups, one on Facebook and one on Discord, that have members post when they find an interesting Raid Boss. That way, people can plan to meet up to take on the boss. I've had a lot of fun meeting up with other players, sharing stories of our hunts as well as talking about the Pokemon we have caught. I've met some really cool people thanks to these battles.


And with the Raid Battles came the Legendary Pokemon. Towards the end of the summer, Lugia and Articuno started showing up at gyms, with the latter only being available for a week. Moltres showed up the next week, then Zapdos. After that, all four were able to be caught until the end of last month. I wouldn't say I had the best luck catching these guys, but I did get at least one of all four of these Pokemon.


As you can see, the game has had a lot of events going on recently, and it doesn't stop there. As of this entry, the Legendary Pokemon Raikou, Entei, and Suicune are wondering the globe. Raikou is in the Americas, Entei is in Europe and Africa, and Suicune is in Asia-Pacific. Ater this month, they will rotate to different regions, and than after that month they will rotate again. This gives everyone a chance to catch these guys. I already caught Raikou, so I just need to wait for next month to catch the next one.


On top of that, EX Raid Battles are starting to show up. These give you a chance to catch Mewtwo. Though you have to beat a raid boss at a gym to receive an invite to an EX Raid Battle. That's the only way to participate in this one, meaning you need to do Raid Battles on at least a semi-regular basis to get a chance to get an invite. It's kind of tedious, yes, but Mewtwo's catch rate is higher than the other Legendary Pokemon that have been introduced in the game so far. So that's something.


Overall, I've enjoyed playing the game with these changes over the last few months. It's allowed me to meet new people, join different groups online, and allowed me to explore my local area more than I probably would've otherwise. And of course, catching some powerful Pokemon has been great too. :P I look forward to catching the remaining Legendary Pokemon I need to catch, plus catching Gen 3 Pokemon when they arrive in the game. B-)


What are your current thoughts on Pokemon Go? Do you still play it? Have you caught any Legendary or shiny Pokemon?


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I've kept playing, though there are plenty of legendaries that I've missed due to focusing on work and school and not being the best at joining up with groups to do raids. I was happy to find that my college now has Pokéstops and gyms when I returned this week—previously, the only way to interact with those on campus was to walk 15–30 minutes to town.

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