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The Next Franchise Michael Bay Might Destroy

Toa Smoke Monster


Me: It's been over a month since my last blog entry. I wonder if I can find something to blog about.


'finds story about a live action Dora The Explorer movie being made with Michael Bay as a producer'


Me: Yeah, that's something to blog about. :P


So Michael Bay is helping to make a Dora The Explorer movie. I didn't see that coming, TBH. Apparently the movie will age Dora up to a teenager and will be about her moving to the city to live with her cousin, Diego.


So congrats to all the Dora The Explorer fans for getting a live action movie for your show. Let's just hope that Michael Bay doesn't blow it up. :P

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If George Miller hadn't already done this with "Babe" and "Happy Feet" I'd be completely baffled. 


So, instead I'm only mostly baffled. 

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