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Neat Feature on the Turaga Sets




If you switch the type 3 axle on a Turaga's weapon arm with a type 5 axle that connects both arms, they get a chanting function.

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:kaukau: Neat.  I really wish that I had bought the Turaga sets back in the day.  Of course, at the time I didn't have my own money, because I was some bum with poor parents, and I didn't even know that the Turaga sets existed at the time.  The Tohunga came with McDonald's meals, but they gave me weird baby toys instead.  I was eight years old, goshdarnit!  And I shot up fast enough that I looked like a teenager!  Why didn't they give me my Tohunga?  I also knew that the Toa existed somehow, but I had no idea how to get them.  It somehow escaped me to look for them in the toy section.  I at first didn't even believe that they were real until I went to a swim meet and found someone playing with Kopaka.  The Turaga didn't come into my attention until the second half of 2002, when I discovered the animations.


Man, how I wish I had treated them like Pokemon and caught'em all.



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Reads entry.


Reaches up and grabs Matau off top of desk.


Doesn't even bother getting out of computer chair and wheels self over to closet with Bionicle box in it.


Finds a type 5 axle after two seconds of digging.


Puts it to the test.



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