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Tell Me What I've Missed



On a whim, I turned up today wondering what became of this old place. Is it better? Worse? The same? More bitter or less? BIONICLE-focused or not?


Also, I kind of regret not having been here to run the BaseBlog in The Year. We did it! The Cubbies finally won! Anyone can have a good century!


EDIT: Wow. Some cursory googling reveals some pretty insane stuff happened here. I'm glad I was gone when people started to go bonkers. It's sad that I've never been able to come back to the way I remember BZP. Or maybe it was never that way to begin with. I don't know. But it is disappointing to see how many people are gone or damaged. This was such a fun place. And I'm sorry for the part that I had in encouraging the chaos, even when I thought I might help to subdue it.

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Hey, if there's one thing that hasn't changed in the past ten years on here, it's that i'm still heavily procrastinating with updating my comics and posting art :P

I still talk to many other BZP members offsite through different means. Maybe someday we'll start being active again. Maybe :P


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We're less Bionicle-focused than we used to be, but I'm gonna be honest, there's never a whole lot of discussion of LEGO themes that aren't Bionicle (to my chagrin). There was a moderate amount of activity prior to Bionicle G2's cancellation but it's really waned since then.


Any drama that happens here tends to mostly escape my notice until after the fact, though I don't mean to say that as if I'm glad to have been ignorant of whatever nastiness has gone down, because people getting hurt sucks, even more so when some of them are people I care about.


I don't really wish this place would go back how it used to be… if anything, I just wish it could have more success changing with the times. With Bionicle being gone there's not a whole lot to say about it that hasn't been said before, and while I do wish more of my friends were still here I also wish that the forums had a little more new blood. Of course, social media has been supplanting internet forums on a wider scale, so perhaps some of that decline in activity has always been out of anyone's control.

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:kaukau: I feel like this place is a fossil.  With what Aanchir said, social media is replacing internet forums, and I'm not necessarily a huge fan.  Forums open up space for far deeper conversation, perhaps better than most other places that I know of.  Personally, I haven't been on Facebook for over a year, and I've never been on Instagram or Twitter.  The former is depressing, and the latter are too much trouble waiting to happen.  I don't know if anyone has ever written an intelligent-sounding tweet (no matter what those retweet articles tell me).


Anyway, Tolkien is no longer posting updates on his Matoran language.  You could say that he's basically finished it, but you know, it was pretty awesome while it lasted.



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