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How to make a Yahoo! News story

Jean Valjean



:kaukau: There are several types of stories on Yahoo! News.

  1. Post screen caps of tweets reacting to stuff
  2. Talk about how someone made "this one perfect tweet"
  3. Share an old Harry Potter fan theory (sadly, none of them have anything to do with how H.P. and Lovecraft are in the same universe)
  4. Post a listicle that you have to click through with a headline clickbate having almost nothing to do with the content
  5. Post any story with a misleading clickbate headline
  6. "Why experts are saying that _________ is the future and will change the world as we know it" (Bitcoin, or some special crystal that's 200 times better than gasoline, etc.)

Oh, and one last thing. I didn't initially believe that this was true, because it was a headline on Yahoo! News, but apparently Tommy Wiseau created an audition tape of himself as the Joker. No, I'm not kidding.






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