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diep.io 4-team strategy

Jean Valjean



:kaukau: Go for the Pentagon nest in the center. Always take control of that. Some people are aggressive and want to start chasing down enemy players once they've established control, maybe push them all the way back to their home base. Note a good plan. Don't be a Loki. Be like Tony Stark. "We've got one advantage. He's coming to us. We have what Thanos wants. So that's what we use." Seriously, when you have the Pentagon nest, you may be surrounded, but it's super-easy to find your teammates when they aren't wandering off on some crusade to storm the enemy castle.


Team. Stick together. Defense wins the game. Especially when you're like me and you want to get to 1,000,000 points. You never get there playing offense. Just make sure we all have each other covered. Get a few Spreadshots and other bullet spammers to distract enemies and cover teammates, and a few heavy-damage tanks that can play offensive and eliminate distracted competition. If you're a trapper, stay in the pentagon nest. Your whole purpose in life it to help maintain control of the pentagon nest. Why, oh why, did my Tri-Trapper have to wander off to try to go on the offensive against the blue team? Why, Yelbrox, why? That's like officer Judy Hopps trying to be a heavyweight wrestler. You can't be whatever you want.


By the way, this time around I only got to 365K and killed 18 people. That's actually fairly good, but..it just isn't my high score, and I'm peeved that Shockwave outlived me.





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