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so, it's been awhile

haven't posted an entry since march, like holy cow


how are you all


what do you think of the new smash? if bzp wasn't dead i'd restart the smash files, but why bother

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Smash Ultimate looks so good!! I'm just personally really excited about the Zelda changes; I'm going to try to attend a demo tomorrow.

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smash looks really good. the inklings look like a worthwhile, dare i say, FRESH addition to the roster.


i could have never expected ridley to actually get in after sakurai denying him due to his size, but i guess that was part of the surprise factor. he'll be one of the first characters i try.


I think the best part about it is that it's a celebration of video games. You can see it in the sheer number of franchises represented down to the different designs of the Zelda characters, down to the level of ink in the tank of the Inkling amiibo. It's a beautiful thing.

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