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BZP Shirt Design Results

Brappy Hour


The results are in. The BZP shirt for BrickFair 2018 will be Kevin Hinkles design, and the colors being white on tie-dye. LINK

If there are any changes or bumps in the road, I'll let ya know.

If you're going to BrickFair Virginia this summer, why not leave a comment of what size shirt you'd like? Whatever floats your boat. The shirts are $15 each.


Have a lovely day.


Nukaya edit: added shirt price, because I may as well use my blog staff powers more than once a month!

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X-Large please. I won't be in attendance but I'll arrange for somebody else to pick it up. ;)



I got you boo

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Been without internet for the past two weeks... can I make a late reservation for two mediums? This is probably my favorite design so far.
I may or may not be attending - if not I'll make sure there's someone to grab and ship them for me.

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