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10 Years



So I've been a member here for 10 years? Wow, that's half my life.


In the two years since I last reflected on my membership here a lot has changed. I've been doing a lot in college, and I moved into my first apartment and started working at my first real job with a Surveying firm. I also started my first relationship with my wonderful boyfriend.


BZPower has changed a lot in the last two years too. Maybe activity was a little down at that point, but I don't think I ever would have predicted that we'd be at this stage in two years. If anyone is actually still here to read this, I hope you're doing good. I know I am, and honestly a lot of that does come the 10 years I've spent here.

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It will be half of my life in another 2 years, so I guess I know how you feel. :)


Good to hear your life is going well! :)

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