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So Grimes is Releasing a New Album This Summer




So, I was reading my indie mixtape e-mail today and I saw them suggesting Grime's new demo "Pretty Dark". Of course, I didn't need them to tell me because I've had that song on repeat all week, but I also noticed them attaching a name to Grimes' new album that I hadn't seen before. Apparently it's called "Miss_Anthropocene".


This necessitated a google search and I found that Grimes just did an interview with the Wall Street Journal, but since it's hidden behind a subscription wall I suggest everyone just do what I did, which is google it and go to news and read what everyone else is saying about it.


Also, the new album is about climate change...which I guess means it's time to buy Marc Marano's new book.


In the mean time, I think it's time to revisit "Oblivion"




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