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An Ankylosaurus With a Parachute




"Unfortunately Nublar is now controlled by the evil Grindel corporation who have taken over the island and cloned their own batch of new Deinonychus which actually follow human commands...This team of raptors would come with their own unique names based around ancient greek heroes...Now eventually (of course) something goes horribly wrong, but not before the Greek raptors, two spitting dilophosaurus, and an armored ankylosaurus parachute out of the sky onto enemy territory and do battle with a ton of bad guys.




Apparently, this was the idea for Jurassic Park IV as envisioned in a script written by John Sayles, years before Jurassic World was a thing.


Now, despite being someone who rolls their eyes every time someone in the "Jurassic World" movies brings up the idea that dinosaurs have any military value what so ever I just love the idea of a scene where an Ankylosaurus is sitting inside the hold of a C-130 Hercules, the door opens and an army guy shouts, "GO, GO GO, GO!" Prompting the dinosaur to jump out the aircraft and three big ol' parachutes deploy causing it to fall safely to earth.


And don't forget the priceless reactions of the poor guys on the ground looking up as an eight ton dinosaur gets dropped on their heads.


I just thought everyone's life would better with that imagery in their brains.

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I will forever have a soft spot for movies that know they're dumb and go for it. If Jurassic World would just commit already I'd enjoy them more than this semi-serious stuff they churn out.


Para-dinos is exactly the sort of bull I am here for.

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