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If I had a time machine...

Taka Nuvia



Dunno about you people, but I really miss the heydays of BZPower (or rather, the way it was around 2008 when I joined, which as far as I've heard wasn't even the 'real' heyday??), when this place was just buzzing with activity...

Nostalgia is strong today. :/

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The website still had strength after Bionicle's intial demise due to just how inspirational and impactful it was to so many people's childhood. BZP survived from the powerful fumes of legacy. The source of the website's demise ties directly to the underwhelming performance of Bionicle's G2 run. All focus went to the new run but was pumped up by shallow hype, as it turned out to be a let down. Gone was the steady pace of legacy fumes as it was shoved aside by a quick interest spike that as quickly went away and took with it all the previous interest when G2 died so abruptly.


Poetic really: Bionicle created BZPower, and Bionicle ended up killing it.

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:kaukau: I think I joined at the very beginning of 2007, and was stalking since 2005.  Freaking goodness.  I didn't realize that you were newer than me.  And man, this is making me really miss even the years of Bionicle that I didn't like.  Good times.


And personally, I would probably use a time machine to do nothing that would affect time, but rather jump back as an invisible observer inside my childhood mind so I could write my autobiography.



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