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Colors in Toa Krakua




So I'm looking into assembling my own Toa Krakua per John Dexter's original instructions. I had some fun compiling a BrickLink wanted list until I realized the set can't be assembled without having both dark gray and dark bluish gray parts and that's a huge pain in the neck. :( But it's still a childhood dream of mine to have the Toa so I'll do some experimenting until I find a color scheme that's as seamless as possible.


IIRC Toa Krakua was the first Toa of a different element besides Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Ice, Stone and Light to be introduced into the canon, right?

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Yes to your question, unless you count the Toa of Gravity Larika mentioned killing off-hand a few chapters earlier in the same book Krakua was introduced. 


You know now that I think about it, I get that the colors fit his element, but all the gray is a bit drab; a colorful Krakua is definitely something I'd like to see. 

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