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Life Updates (Including Brickfair)




So first of all I'm real happy that this old site is back online. BZPower has always been a special place for me and Brickfair has kind of renewed my interest in the Bionicle community, so I'm glad to have it back, and I think the new forum software will eventually turn out to be better than what we were using, even if there are some kinks to work out still.

Anyway that Brickfair was one of the greatest experiences I've had in a long time. It felt so good to be totally immersed in such a great community for a few days. I've been trying to make an effort to be more social in general since the events of my last entry, and realizing that there's something like this where I can really connect with like-minded people greatly lifted my spirits. Special shout out to my Team Farm Animals! There were a lot of great mocs on display too, and even my one humble creation I decided to bring last minute seemed to get a pretty good response.

This totally made up for missing last year's event. In a way, it felt nice to have such a big thing to point to as being better in my life this year compared to last, particularly something that I didn't share with my ex. (See last entry.) But hopefully I won't be missing any more!

What probably stood out the most to me were the events of the final night. There was just a massive turnout for the annual dinner, after which we all hung around in the parking lot, no one wanting to leave too soon. But leave we eventually had to, with me going back with a few to play Jackbox back at the hotel as we had done almost every night. And honestly, there was just such a massive Bionicle presence in general. There were so many tables and they were so full a few people moved their mocs to other appropriate sections, and there were several seminars and panels related to Bionicle. The majority I think. It really showed me how big this community still is, even we're a bit fractured. 

And I'm glad I had such a great community experience at this time, because shortly after I got back home, I lost most of my friends, including a few of my longest time friends since middle school, to what is essentially a political dispute. I won't go into details here, but obviously it upset greatly to have so many people I had been close to suddenly decide they want nothing to do with me. If it had happened at a lower point in my life, my spirit might have been broken completely. So thank you

Since then, I've gone back to college. I go out and play Pathfinder on Thursdays and Magic: The Gathering on Fridays. I spend a lot of time on my studies, but I have been exploring that wider Bionicle community that I was alerted to, mainly in the form of listening to various YouTube videos in the background while I play Hearthstone. I did watch Biocraft as I was told about at Brickfair and really enjoyed it too!

Anyway, that's a short update on the last little bit with what's been going on with me. I'm glad to be back on here; let's keep the good times rolling.



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