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I'm glad BZP is back up and running. Update time!

So I've been up to a lot lately. Off and on for the past few years I've been taking a part time/continuing studies program for learning how to make graphic novels, but this fall they announced they were transferring over to a full-time year long intensive graphic novel program. Given how much additional content was being added, how much the courses have developed (my first classes way back were the very first year the continuing studies program began), and how long it'd been since i had taken some of the first courses, I decided to enroll in the full time program from the beginning.

It started about a week and a half ago, and it's been a blast! I'm rather enjoying the program so far. A lot of things are familiar, but I'm also learning a lot of new things already. I've even ran into an old friend of mine who's also taking the full-time program as well :)

Part of the program requires that I have a Wacom Cintiq tablet, one of the top of the line ones where the drawing surface has a screen to see directly where you're drawing. The Intuos pro I have doesn't have a screen built in, so I ended up getting the Cintiq 22HD. This kinda worked out nicely as I was already saving up to someday get one, since I was rather disappointed with the Intuos and needed to upgrade to 'professional' hardware at some point anyways. Better sooner then later, I guess? I've only been using it for a few days, but it's feeling great so far. I think I'm going to get used to it quickly!

In any case, once the program's finished, I'll be moving back to Ontario, likely to take some further courses to bring my actual artistic skill up to a professional level, if it isn't by the time I've completed the Graphic Novel program. I may also end up taking courses in commercial illustration to further broaden my skill-set and open up more career opportunities, but that'll likely be further down the line. Who knows, maybe some day I may end up actually being a concept artist after all!

(For those of you who don't know, I initially came out to Vancouver looking to become one before those dreams were utterly crushed for a variety of reasons, but I wont go into that here.)

As for an update on my comic series, a big part of why I haven't been making them like I used to is that I've been holding off, feeling I should wait until I've learned all I could from the graphic novel programs, to make them as best as they can be. I've come to the decision though that rather then waiting until my art is as best as it can be, I really ought to be using them as practice, to help me improve quicker and apply what I'm learning to something I'm actually doing, not to mention giving you guys more stuff to look at!. So more comics in the near future, hopefully! We'll see how much homework kicks my butt 😛

So that's what's been going on with me. How've you guys been?

--Akaku: Master of Flight

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On 9/14/2019 at 6:48 PM, Edelgard said:

Welcome back! Your program sounds pretty neat, not gonna lie. My art skills are still non-existent, so =P


Thank you! It really is :D If you ever wish to obtain/improve your art skills, my recommendation would be life drawing courses. Every time I've taken one over the years is when I've seen the greatest advancements in my work :)

--Akaku: Master of Flight

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