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Wonder if we could get access to all the blog sidebar stuff we used to have? I put a lot of effort into those back in the day. Not that I have really used this site properly in a long time. There seem to be many blog features that no longer exist, which is a shame. I will probably want to clean this up finally at some point.

Hi everyone. Looks like we are about to close another decade, and wow have things changed, for me, for the world, for this silly site I spent so much time on 10+ years ago. Hope all is well. Don't be an COOL DUDE.


^ geez I still have that url memorised.

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Cool dude is practically my middle name B-)

Unfortunately the extra stuff for Blogs is completely gone, as far as we know. You'll just have to make use of the 'about this blog' section as best we can :(

You can do some pretty nifty stuff with pictures now, though. You can make one a banner for your blog that drops down into a full photo when it's clicked on, and give each blog entry it's own banner too, which is nice.

--Akaku: Master of Flight

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It's not so much about restoring things, I just had a lot of curated things there that I spent years working on. Not that any of it matters, but it was just nice fun things to do. Doesn't actually matter, plus I remember the wayback machine [unfortunately] stored a lot so I may be able to recover a bit if I put the effort in to find it.

There are some neat new features that's for sure, I would have loved them at the time.

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