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Hello Again



Since everyone seems to be posting their returns, I figured I'd join in even though I never left :wakeup:

I've been here since 03. Those were the days, back when the forums were so active we'd get server busy messages every so many minutes, the art and epics boards were my home, and modified screenshots were known only as edits. These days it's quiet 'round here, bursts of activity every so often.

In real life I've been through some stuff. I've seen things... no not those things, the other ones. I was recently accepted into Idaho State University, and will finally be joining a degree program that has some real potential. Namely Robotics. Someday you'll hopefully even see some of my work at a Disney park, if my dreams happen that is.

I've fallen in love a few times, but I'm still a lonely single guy. I've made and lost many friends over the years. Only a few are still a part of my life. The one thing that has truly stayed with me is this website. :bzp: I can't believe this is still here!

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Nice to see another familiar username.  Congrats on getting into your degree program!  Robotics sounds really cool!


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On 10/28/2019 at 1:52 PM, AZBlue said:

I'm not going to deny that it is part of my career goal XD 

Just don't split the Earth in three pieces building them...please. 

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