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Ending the year

Kaleidoscope Tekulo


Maybe 2020 will be a good year.


2019 for me was just a lot of surviving and recovery.  I'd just like some peace in the new year.  


2019 wasn't all bad.  Even some of the more challenging moments lead to some good things this year.  I know a little more about myself now.


This was the first year I didn't go to pride adter going two years a row to the Seattle pride parade.  I'm back in Ohio now and Pride isn't really celebrated in my hometown.  This next year I should really get a ride to the city.   I'm thinking of dying my hair blue or maybe pink again.


This year I got to go on a couple of vacations which was nice.  Though they weren't without their fair share of drama.


I got to see some old friends this holiday season and I'm going to see more of them soon.  That is one thing I do like about being home; getting to see everyone.  But I don't see friends too often these days.  I wish I could meet some LGBTQ friendly folks.


I'm not staying up til midnight tonight.   I work early tomorrow morning.  


Happy new year, everyone!  Be safe and I'll see you around.



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