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71026 DC Super Heroes CMFs



So we are now on the third wave of Collectible Minifigures featuring DC characters, only this time it's not branded as coming from The LEGO Batman movie.  I'm personally a bigger fan of the generic CMFs so the increase in licensed themes isn't always to my tastes, but I'm a sucker for good figs so I wanted to collect some.  Granted, I haven't had the most luck so far with these... LEGO Online order gave me two Green Lanterns and Joker (the latter who I did not want.)  When I visited the LEGO Store, I mistook Mr. Miracle for Cyborg (stupid chain) and ended up getting two of him.  I also traded with another AFOL who claimed he was handing me a Bumblebee, but he mis-felt the bag and it was actually Bat Mite (who I also don't care for).  So I've had a pretty high miss rate on these so far; it doesn't help that the new stand element and jumper plates just add to the confusion while feeling.  But I did open a few of them that I wanted so here's a little mini review


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First off, the new stand elements are pretty great.  They do a good job at proving a new angle for fig displays, and they can connect together to form a fun chain or circle eight together to make a full octagon.  Better yet, most figs come with two of them!  I say most... but not those with capes.  For whatever reason, the figs with capes have their parts double bagged, and the double bags do away with spare parts, so no extra stand element.  I dunno if this applies to all batches, but so far it was that way for the caped figs I opened.  Modestly disappointing.

Stargirl: Very nice fig with lots of great printed details.  The end of her staff is also a new sparkly trans orange element, one of the few new molds in this series.  (Which kinda sucks, a price increase but few new molds... although I'm sure licensing costs contribute.)  I've read some arguments that the hair piece is not fitting for the character.  I guess it kind of works, but honestly it's not my favorite mold in general and I think it's overused.  When feeling for her, she's the only one with a 4L bar.

Metamorpho: I like the distinct coloring they've given to his various limbs made of different elements; I'm particularly a fan of the trans clear leg.  The magenta fist is a cool element, and also the one to feel for, although it's a bit of an unusual shape to recognize.

Green Lantern: Honestly, I'm not familiar with the Simon Baz version (I've been told he's missing his revolver), but another Green Lantern variant isn't so bad.    The printed green ring tile attaches well to the hand clip piece, which is a better representation of the rings than with previous figures where they just held the tile flat.  (Plus, you get two of em!)  The new lantern element isn't bad either, with a few useful connection points.  The big lantern, the 1x1 round tile, or the hand clip pieces are the ones to feel for... unfortunately SInestro has those exact same pieces too, and the only difference between the two is that Sinestro has the extra hair piece, making it challenging to tell them apart.

Aquaman: This is apparently true to one of the comic versions of Aquaman, so props there.  I particularly like the new mold they created for his hook hand, and a new fish in pale green's not so bad.  (Although the hairpiece is new to me, apparently it was used on the Aquaman fig from the sets last year... whoops.)  The fish is the piece to feel for, although the hair piece could get confused for Wonder Woman's or Huntress's.

Mr. Miracle: Honestly I don't know anything about this character, but when I showed my co-workers the lineup of the series, they were all like "Mr. Miracle is in there?  Awesome."  He comes with lots of fancy printing and a cape... which means his parts are double bagged and you get no extra fig stand thing.  He comes with a long chain and handcuffs (okay, he came with two handcuffs but not two stand elements... boo).  Now, getting the chain wrapped around him like in the images is a bit challenging, but doable.  When feeling, the chain is the piece to feel for, but since he has the cape he'll also have the bag within a bag, so that kinda helps narrow him down.  (As I mentioned earlier, I mistook him for Cyborg, who also has a shorter chain but presumably no secondary bag.)

Huntress: Honestly, of the figs I've gotten so far, she's my favorite.  I really like the detailing with the cape, utility belt, and printing.  Hair mold is a reuse but new in black.  She also has the cape problem so no extra pieces, so feel for the crossbow in the bag within the bag.  Yeah, not the easiest to figure out, and she's among the rarer ones too.

Cheetah: I guess I'm not super big into the old comics, because I'm used to the CHeetah from the animated shows and now this version.  She has a great cat costume with excellent cheetah patterns printed on her torso, legs, arms, tail, and hat.  The bag is just a recolor, but the dollar sign print on it will make it useful for some displays.  (Personally, I've never been a fan of this cumbersome bag piece, but whatevs.)  I guess technically the hat with cat ears is a new piece, although it's very reminiscent of other CMF costume helmets.  IMO Cheetah could easily pass off as a generic costume character, but I guess this works for her comic book variant too.  The piece to feel for is probably that bulky bag element, but the tail is also a unique if tricky to identify piece.  And maybe the hat if you can figure out the rounded ears.

I'm still on the hunt for Bumblebee and Jay Gordon, and maybe on Batman and Cyborg.  So far most stores in my area don't have this figs yet; they're still trying to sell off their S19 and Disney S2 figs.  At the Lego store, I know I felt through nearly a whole box and didn't once come across Batman or Bumblebee, so they might be tricky ones to figure out.  I don't want to collect the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, or Sinestro; I also don't want Joker or Bat Mite but I already have copies of them, so I'll keep their bags unopened for possible trades in the future.  Overall, this is a good wave of figs but I'm still not motivated to get them all, so I guess I get to save a little bit of money, heh.

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As a guy who only really collects Star Wars, I'm really jealous for 2 reasons:

-Those clear posing pieces are AMAZING for adding motion to a MOC

-The printing/unique molds were really on point. Some really nice printing too.

On the flip side, as you said, it's hard to be motivated to collect this whole series. Hopefully LEGO takes some good lessons from this going forward into the next CMF (and make those clear pieces available elsewhere!)

Thanks for the great blog read, xccj!

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