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Life's been a whirlwind of some kind of magnitude, but I've been up in Canada successfully working toward my PhD. Poutine is amazing.

Even more amazing than mashed potatoes in french fry form is that after having started a relationship and working toward a life together, Aanchir (Skye) proposed on Valentine's Day! It's been an incredible feeling - warm, peaceful, and also how I end up just beaming like a dork when I get to say "my fiancée" in conversation at school and everywhere, really.

We don't have a specific time fixed for the wedding yet, since Skye's going to get everything in place to move up here permanently in place first, but consider: LEGOLAND wedding.




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Congratulations! May you two have a long and happy life together. :)

(I'm glad you like poutine... we might have to kick you out if you didn't)

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Congratulations!!! Marriage is such a beautiful and courageous commitment, and I am excited for the two of you. You look very happy together. A LEGOLAND wedding is a totally awesome idea!

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