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Smash Bros Ultimate DLC: ARMS

Toa Smoke Monster



So the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros: Ultimate was revealed yesterday. We already knew that said character would be from the ARMS series. And now we know who it will be. 

The next DLC character will be Min Min.

Now I personally don't know anything about the ARMS series other than it was a game released for the Switch awhile ago. From what I understand, it hasn't had the most successful lifespan on the system, but it's still looked like a cool game. Especially from what is shown in Min Min's reveal trailer. (P.S. I loved the song that played in that video :))

I've already purchased the DLC second pack, so I'll get Min Min when she is released on the 29th. I'm very excited to see how she plays.

What do you think of the reveal of Min Min being the next Ultimate DLC character? and what do you think of the ARMS series in general?


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