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To Karz and back again

Kaleidoscope Tekulo


Wish me luck folks.  There's gonna be a meeting tomorrow with me included about how I'm bad at my job.  Such highlights will be "I can't single-handedly bake everything by myself for the entire weekend"  and "We need to hire a new employee.  We have been down an assistant since May." And that's not to discredit "The reason I can't do as much as my manager is because they have over thirty years of experience in this job.  I haven't been with this company for a single year and the other jobs I have had in this field have been very different."


Let this be a lesson, kids.  Don't get a job in a high stress industry.  Maybe don't get a job at all and become a nomad.  


But enough about my life being a mildly annoying train wreck that shouts a deadpan "nooooooooooooo" as said train mildly bumps into a tree with a subtle hiccup that merely unnerves its passengers. What's going on with y'all?




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