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A bit of honesty



 I'm rarely on this site and have rarely posted about anything in any format because the honest truth is I've been on this site before under a different username, a different account.

 That account was bullied off the site.

 I was much younger then. I was ignorant of things and was just looking to have a good time with friends I made. Older members, adults, on this site came after me when I was 14 years old and bullied me off the site.

 That's the BZPower I remember and know. I made a new account later in life, this one, and hoped I could talk about my passion of Bionicle again without carrying the social stigma that was made against me.

 It, frankly, hasn't worked well. I see many of the same folks that hurt me dearly still posting and being active.

 BZPower, to be honest, lost its way. It stopped being about Bionicle a long time ago and became a clique. The forum was ran(both on staff and off staff) by a group of people that used the forum to flex their internet power points on others. Many things I posted, shared, wrote, whatever...were criticized and ignored for not being one of them. And that's a hard thing to take when all you want is to have fun on a website dedicated to a toy.

 There is not a single friend I made on BZPower that I still know today because of the environment created here. My friend, S, has become consumed by this site and I can't bear to talk to her ever again because of the venom built up in her over all this. It's too much.

 It's all too much for a toy.

 It was just supposed to be a toy fan site.

 That's all I wanted. I got a lot of other things instead.

 I'll probably still be around, here and there. I've said my piece.

 I'm done holding the sky up.

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The toxicity and limitations of discussion is why I also departed this website. What you see now is a rare check up after Lord knows how long. Rest now in your Mauritanian bed Atlas, you deserve it.

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Absolutely. The only reason I never left completely was because of the RPGs, but even that has become a cliquey mess of a microcommunity that I don't always feel I belong to, either. Some people never grew out of their power play phases and took this place far too seriously. And I'll admit, there were times I was among them—I'm no saint. 

Now the toys we gathered here for are extinct, but the egos never died. 


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