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Review: 70427 Welcome to the Hidden Side



I’ll be out of it for a while at the end of the month, and I have some of these mini set reviews prepped, so I figure it’s about time to start getting them posted before I have to leave.  Without further ado...


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So this is from the second wave of Hidden Side sets from last winter, retailing at $19.99 with 189 pieces.  Except I got it for free as part of the BricksCascade Dirty Brickster game.  (If I recall correctly, I put in a Creator set from last year, and I was able to get the last steal on this one because my first choice got stolen from me.  Wasn’t a bad deal, especially considering that I’ve gotten some pretty lousy deals in previous years.  Also, remember when we used to be able to attend large conventions with other AFOLs?  We were so young and naïve back then.)

Anyway, the build for this set is fairly basic.  It’s a dark tree with a room inside, I guess.  But then the tree has a face and some claws!  OMG.  I don’t play the game or watch the clips that somehow count as a “show” for this theme, but I think this is supposed to be some sort of portal to the ghost world that the humans can pass through.  Anyway, the build is pretty mild, with a fairly standard design of the walls that make up the interior room and then some classic tree designs to make the branches with foliage.  Near the top there is a face design, which uses clips to make some menacing eyebrows, but it’s still a bit of a step down from some of the other “monsters” from the first wave.  My pictures don’t really show it well, but there are also some claws you can pop up on either side, which could also be disguised as roots.  The main action feature is a little lever in the “mouth” which can be used to launch out spiders and bats.  Spooky.

The build is substandard, but the pieces are kind of nice.  You’ve mainly got black and medium azure, and I’m sure a lot of builders are excited for the azure leaf pieces, which only appear in this wave of Hidden Side sets (and this being the cheapest set of the wave that also contains more of the leafs, it’s a good deal.)  Also the black seaweed piece is also new.  (I guess it comes in a third wave set too.  I really do hope that wave makes it to the States, I heard a rumor that they may be limited release in Europe only, which would suck.)  Some of the Azure plates are also rare-ish, and it’s always nice to get another lamppost.  Oh, and the light yellowish green eye tiles are rare too.

The build is meh and some of the pieces are neat, but the major draw from the set is the figs, which are all unique to this set.  The main character is Jack Davids, but he’s been turned blue here, complete with a recolored torso and hat / hood element.  Dunno why he’s blue; maybe he’s a ghost, maybe he’s infected with something paranormal, maybe he’s hypothermic.  Next is a lumberjack ghost named Axel Chops, who reuses the fur hat from the Arctic wave but has the new ghost legs in red.  The two yellow worker ghosts are nearly identical (the heads are slightly different) but make good use of the Keetongu yellow ghost legs.  One’s called Scrimper and the other Waylon.  I like that these guys add some nice color variety to the available ghost figs, so that’s much appreciated.

In conclusion, the set has a meh build, okay pieces, and great figs.  I’m not entirely sure it would be worth full price; the second wave of Hidden Side sets was very lackluster.  Maybe it’s more fun with the phone game AR features, but I never really bothered trying those out.  It’s not a terrible set, but I would easily recommend some of the Wave 1 or Wave 3 sets over this.  Unless you really want ghosts or those leaves, then its value is pretty decent.


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