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Maybe a human-sized bird nest...

Mushy the Mushroom


Hatched another wildly random idea...

A human-sized Robin's egg bird nest bed/lounge chair.

It's made of foam crib mattresses, sheets, poly-fill, offensively-strong glue, paint and elastic.

Because I have always wanted one of these....since this idea popped into my head two months ago.

..Can I use the excuse that Porg demanded it?



 You can make one too, if you want. I've made photo instructions on Flickr. For some reason it shows the last steps in the album first, but they're numbered. (I hope it's okay to link to this, I'm still scared of breaking the linked content rules. I"m sorry if not.. I was going to directly link to the photos, but there were like 21 steps and I was lazy.

...I suppose I see a blog as a magical place to post random art content, instead of using it to actually write anything useful or intelligent....words simply have never been my thing. SO YAY PICTURES.


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