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Review: 60202 People Pack - Outdoor Adventures




More photos on Instagram.

This is actually one of the minifigure collections released last year, but I only just got around to opening it recently.  It's $39.99 for 164 pieces, which is a lousy value.  But it has 14 figs and a few other exclusive parts, so the price is somewhat reasonable for a fig pack.

I believe a few of the fig torsos may be unique, but I'm too lazy to go do the research.  As it is, none of them really stand out as must-haves, but they are also all generic enough to make for good City-filler, and that's sometimes difficult to get from other themes.  The standout figs are the scout, the camera-woman, and the new baby carrier (even if I switched which fig it was on).  The baby had a new body too!

The builds are simple and generally lackluster, although that's been par for the course for these large fig packs.  The largest build is the tent, which has a brick built base that the light plastic wraps around; it works out well enough, but it's quite easy for the plastic to fold out of shape, so you've got to be careful when setting it up for display.  There's also a simple ramp for the motorbike, a camp stove, a camp lantern, and a short rock wall for the climber.  Also included is a sign for Mount Clutchmore (haha) and Lego City; the tile printings are nice.  One of the big yellow rafts is also included.

The highlight of the set, however, is the new eagle mold, which I still believe is exclusive to this set.  The coloring is very well done, and the detailed feathers in the mold are great.  It's got a wide wingspan too; each wing is almost as long as a minifig is tall.  (Almost).  And the feet can fit on a stud so you can perch it or have it grab onto a fish.  Is the eagle alone worth this set?  Maybe not, but it's close.

I mostly got this for the eagle, and the fig pieces will supplement my collection nicely, so I think it's a worthy purchase.  Too bad it's retired.  :(  I guess this is why I should review current sets.


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