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Review: 75939 Dr. Wu's Lab - Baby Dinosaurs Breakout




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Okay, Jurassic World continues to push out lackluster sets that I want just for the dinos.  (The big one this year with the Ankylosaurs is pretty bland, but I want it for the Ankylosaurs!)  This set is cheaper but it definitely shows.  All the same, you get two baby dinos here; a small baby Ankylosaurs and a slightly larger baby Triceratops.  The set is almost worth it for the two dinos alone; and if you're not interested in them, then don't bother, as the rest of the set isn't really worth it.  ($19.99 for 164 pieces is a bad value, although pretty standard for licensed themes at this price point.)

The build is the interior of a lab, but it's very sparse.  (Granted, it looks better with the stickers, but since I'm not planning to keep this together for long, I didn't apply them.)  On the far right, you have a window into an enclosure for the dinos, with a convenient lever to knock it down and allow them to invade the lab.  (Seriously, why does Jurassic Park build destruction levers in all their buildings?  Seems like the opposite thing they should do for safety's sake!)  Then there are some computer monitors and screens, and a little tables with a basic microscope built in.  (Some of the Friends science sets have had better lab equipment designs.)  The most interesting build is the egg display on the left, with a little dome and a robot arm that can pick up the eggs.  And the most interesting piece is a 1x1 trans orange brick with a mosquito printed on it, to resemble the bug trapped in amber.  Classic reference there!

The figs are Own and Dr. Wu, who have been in plenty of other sets before and are hardly even worthwhile to comment on.  The Ankylosaurs has some great details and printing on it; it can fit onto a 2x3 plate and had a single stud on it's back.  The Triceratops is about twice as big, and the bricks in its back can be removed to allow a fig to ride it (in Lego horse style).  The two baby dino molds are great.

Is this set worth it?  I mean... no, probably not.  Jurassic Park / World sets have a problem with having very lackluster builds but then intricate dino molds that jack up the set prices, and the two baby dinos do that here.  They're great molds, better than getting another raptor or something.  But it is a little spendy to get them, and outside of the amber brick, there's not a whole lot else that's exciting in this set.  So the value really depends on how much you want the baby dinos.  The rest is just filler.



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