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Christmas is Cancelled



Like so many others this year, I won't be with my family this Christmas because of the pandemic. :(


I don't visit often, but you guys are still like an estranged family to me.  So merry Christmas everybody. :xmas:

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I'll come visit your profile Christmas morning. It'll be like you're really here with my family and I. One could say, you'll be there in spirit. :P

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Merry Christmas, and we'll all have a grand old time being alone together for the holidays. But I'd much rather that than accidentally give Covid to relatives as a gift instead of, you know, joy and stuff.  Social responsibility oh yeah :smeag:

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And a Merry Christmas to you as well! :xmas: My condolences at being alone for the holiday, this has been a rough year for everyone already.

Wishing you a festive day full of cheer nonetheless. 

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