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How to Dispose of Non-Lego Bricks: Dog Edition

Mushy the Mushroom




(I would like to preface this by apologizing if posting off-brand brick creations isn’t allowed. I am sorry if not. This is probably so wrong, but I’m afraid it would be bothersome to ask.)

I rediscovered the old dungeon castle MB bricks while sorting through the childhood Lego tote. The MB’s had not been used in years, and so many miscellaneous things had migrated into that box. K'nex, random tools, rubbish, doodles of Toad, office supplies, and those utility building pieces from monopoly city that no one missed. This was the first time this box had ever been cleaned out/sorted. Dirt. ._.

(The Mindstorms dog selfie booth inspired a re-attempt.)

 (These photos are terribly dated now that it’s December.)

 It’s certainly not the pastel Lego flower shop house I wanted to design for Poppy, but we had enough bricks and added fabric flowers.



Test assembled it for size, it fell apart slightly, then reassembled it with Gorilla glue after the pictures. Also added a central bar in the windows for safety. The MB bricks are abnormally difficult to snap together. Knuckle skin was lost while trying to cram the thing together. Tools were deployed. People don’t like it when you’re hammering indoors at 3 am. 


Also, after I took the photos, someone informed me that those lovely red leaves were poison sumac. 


So far, it hasn’t even crumbled upon Pops while she sleeps. 

Additional useless photo of Pops when she was strongly disliking her new-old-pajama-dress and her new haircut:


Hope you (and your pets) had a nice Thanksgiving if you celebrated!

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